Not opening gifts


A reason i dont open gifts all the time is becauss i must save space for Mondays adventure sync reward. If i didn’t always receive an 7KM egg i would open gifts. I don’t even like 7Km eggs.

What are some reasons you don’t open gifts?


When my bag is full or when the Friendship level has already increased, I don’t open Gifts.


When I have egg space


i still open best friends gifts sometimes, idk why but i just see the gift sitting there and remember how we used to always actively send / receive gifts🤷🏾‍♂️


I always open them, i think it’s a bit rude not to, I’ve got someone who I exchanged gifts with almost daily and who I will be best friends with once they open the last gift I sent them - well over a week ago - they’re level 40 so idk why they’re clearly saving it (to lucky egg to do a few at once) it’s so annoying as I could have levelled up by now if theyd just hurried up and opened it!


I make sure my eggs are full before opening them. I do not want any more 7K eggs.


That used to be a reason for me not to open Gifts as well, but now I’m trying to get some (shiny) babies.


I don’t open gifts from players who have the blue circle around their name, and I only open gifts from best friends if I haven’t received gifts from 20+ who aren’t best friends.


I just don’t open @Jormdeworm 's gifts.
Just kidding.
I try to be mindful of others when I have gifts.
For example I didn’t open 's gidt for 4 days because I sent him my own.


Usually I didn’t see your gifts so I did not open it


Isn’t Adventure Sync pretty recent? Did you open every gift before that?


Yes, without a worry. But now adventure sync has a 100% guaranteed Riolu/Shinx and possible Shiny Shinx. So i must have a free space.

If i could throw away eggs i would. It’s forcing me not to open gifts. If you don’t have egg space on your scheduled date of rewards you will not get an egg that is way more better than the eggs you recieve from gifts.

Right now Riolu and Shinx(shiny) are my most sought out pokemon. I already have Lucario but i want more Lucarios and i still don’t have a Shiny Shinx from over 40 raids.


I hope my friends list understands. I will definitely open after monday. But when it’s the weekend i might not open any gift but i do send out.

Wish i could hold more eggs. Or atleast separate gifted eggs from the ones recieved from stops, and other places.


Heck,if the 7km eggs could still be yielding regionals the way they were 6 weeks ago, then I wouldn’t mind still getting them. But by this point I’ve got more Alolans than I ever wanted, so I’m trying to wait until I have all 9 eggs before I open any gifts, instead of trying to wait until I have fewer than 9 eggs to open more gifts.


What about Riolu on mondays?


I opened whenever I have time and sending gifts whenever I get them it just takes awhile to start the top of the list of work down so if you’re on friends @5GodLink and @Jormdeworm @Pokemon sorry it just takes some time


no [email protected] :grin:


Just sent you 1


What about Riolu on Mondays? What I found from googling it was that it hatches from 10km eggs and spawns near sports centers. I didn’t see anything about Mondays… Could you elaborate, please?


monday is 100% riolu or shinx egg if you walked 50KM its an adventure sync reward