Riolu and Shinx eggs 100%


50KM+ on adventure sync will possibly give 10KM egg and it will 100% have either Riolu or Shinx or possibly Shiny Shinx.

There is a chance you wont get 10KM egg and get instead 3 rare candy and/or 5KM egg.

Happy hatching trainers!

Not opening gifts

Looks like I’m walking a lot next week


Looks like I need to get a new phone.


Sounds compelling. Is that 50km for the week, or 50km total?


50km a week.


Thanks for the clarification, @Jormdeworm .

Sounds like another pokemon that probably won’t show up on my dex (it might get me over my reluctance to try the adventure sync, but it’s not likely to give my schedule room to walk 50km in a week to try the trick even once…)


I hatched riolu today out of a 10km egg I got from a pokestop


Congrats, and thanks for the hopeful news.