Not opening gifts


also i dont believe riolu is in wild. I heard rumours shinx is but i doubt it also since its in raid and eggs.:man_shrugging:t5:

edit - With this knowledge i would suggest having Two egg slots open every monday to be able to recieve the 5Km and 10Km last week i didn’t get a 10Km at all or 5Km or rare candy i got 2000 stardust😞


Good luck with your riolu/shiny shinx pursuit. My chances of receiving a Riolu from opening a gift are about as high as my chances of walking 50km in a week (i.e. zilch). Maybe it’ll come as a research reward some day…


I try to. I sometimes forget.


Yeah I forget also I feel bad then


I only open gifts, but only for pinaps, balls, healing items, but I need more incubators, only one running and all the eggs are 7k


the only reason i have for not opening gifts is that i have over 100 to be opened and i can open only 20, the other ones will have to wait. Trying to balance everything so everyone gets a turn and/or gift back is the hard part.


I sometimes forget it when my bag is full.


Limit meter goes off.