Not opening gifts


Not opening gifts is the problem? I wish I could get a gift to send to you for you not to open!

I give gifts every day and gave as many as I had yesterday. That leaves me with ten open spots in the bag and over fifty to find and send today. Spun my first stop this morning… 7-day bonus… TWENTY items from the spin…

And not even one gift to send to a friend. NOT ONE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .:rage::face_with_raised_eyebrow::no_mouth:


I wish I could hold more than 10. Kind of a hassle to go and send every time I hit 10 while I’m out and about.


I think it’s a way that the game is designed to force us to play more :sweat_smile:


when in need of certain people being lucky friend for trade, a lack of open gifts happen.


You need to open mine @5GodLink


Yeah? It just makes me sit on 10 gifts and send them at the end of the day though. lol


I rarely go out for more than an hour nowadays so it’d be nice on the days I did go out if I can hold 40 or 50 gifts to send out even if it took up bag space


I’d be happy with holding 20-30. Make it worth my while to stop and send before re-stocking.


Community days are the worst IMO. You play for 3 hours straight, spin a ton of stops for quests and get your 10 gifts in no time at all. But since it’s CD, it’s a waste of time to send them out, so in the end i still have 10 gifts, send none, but have a play session of over 3 hours. So if i want to keep my daily gifting target i have to play before or after CD aswell, making it a long day in total.
I’d gladly see a change to holding more gifts at once.


I wish I could open more than 20 gifts a day, at any time, I have up to 90 gifts sitting there waiting for me to open them, it would also reduce the number of gifts I need to send each day to allow all possible friends to level up on the day.


I have so many friends and no more space to open so i open after i run out of items so that i have space to open everybodies gift or i just do the ones that have a high friendship cuz normally they send them back the same day or the next.


The recent increases (to allow holding 20 gifts for sending and opening 30 gifts received) have been such a relief.

Or perhaps it’s just been that gifts for sending have been easier to obtain. Like the way you get a new field-research task any time you spin a stop and have room for another task, any time I spin a stop and still have room for another gift to send to a friend it gives me one. So I’m not spending the last hours of the day frustrated by the search for gifts to send and getting none for spin after spin … and having to delete items over and over just to be allowed to spin the next stop.

(The number of friends that haven’t received a gift from me for over 2 days has been very low since that change.)


Stinks that it’s only for 2 weeks. Nice not having to worry about if you are going to get a gift from that stop or not.


Would have been great to take advantage of this to send more gifts out, but there is snow on the mountains 200km away and it is very windy with the wind taking the cold air straight to my place.