Lucky Raid Pass - a new item that could solve raid problems for solo and rural players (idea)


Psystrike is crap though


That logic only works for PokéDex entries. What if I want something competent? I HAVE to be able to get all four or five of the Pokémon to ensure I get some kind of competent roll on its IVs, because Niantic refuses to allow us to change them (seriously, just add HyperTraining already) unless it’s something where the IVs are simply re-rolled (trading), but then you don’t get to keep the Pokémon


They would buff it

Why cant they just replace pyschic with future sight
It is my favourite move


the current ex-raid with deoxys is can be done solo

now all I need is an invite!


With Lucky Raid Pass all legendaries would be soloable. Niantic should consider it for the next big update.


Now that even majors are going into boxes, its not needed


Who says no to more legendaries? More chances for better IVs and shinies. Everyone should be able to participate in legendary raids no matter where they live and whether they have enough players around.


I Love It!!!


Thanks @HLAJR! I wish Niantic implemented this in the next big update. If I had Twitter account, I’d send them tweets about this from time to time. #luckyraidpass


You can make one…


I don’t want to make an account just for that. But if someone has an account and likes my idea he/she can do it instead of me.


I do have a Twitter account years ago but I have not use it either productively… I even forgot my login details there :joy:


I have a twitter account with like 8 followers lol


Can you send a message to Pokemon Go app on Twitter about Lucky Raid Pass? Use #luckyraidpass