Lucky Raid Pass - a new item that could solve raid problems for solo and rural players (idea)


Niantic will never remove the timer. They want players to socialize and form groups and communities. If you play solo or don’t have a group that’s large enough, that’s where you would use Lucky Raid Pass. You would be able to get it from the research, battles, 7 day streak, adventure sync. It’s a win-win situation: solo and rural players would get a chance to raid legendaries, but the benefit of large groups and social aspect of the game would still remain.


Never say never :wink:

No sure if you know how the gym looked like in 2016 when the game was released - when I came back this march it was quite a shock to understand what is currently going on :slight_smile:

Removing the timer would not change anything what is currently there. Big groups and communities would still benefit from being big - they would be able to win within few minutes. It would only affect the players who currently cannot participate in the game at all. I believe this makes 100% sense from marketing perspective.


There are several issues if they do that:

  • you would be able to do solo any raid, any time, every day, everywhere
  • there would be no need to meet new players because you could raid with your family or friends no matter how small or big your group is
  • there would be no challenge because there would be no timer to beat, the game would become too easy
  • legendaries would lose their value because every player with enough potions and revives would have tons of them no matter how low level he/she is and no matter which Pokemon he/she uses to fight them
  • everyone would be able to get the best counters for every raid boss easily (army of Tyranitar or Mewtwo would be too easy to get)
  • spoofers would spoof even more because every raid would be soloable
  • when there would be no limits anyone would be able to get shinies and hundos more easily which would make them less special and it would affect the trading
  • you would get legendaries in your Pokedex in no time and the game would become boring and some people would lose interest
  • if Niantic had wanted that, they would have done it long time ago.

That’s why there should be limits and some effort to be able to get what you want from raids. Lucky Raid Pass has that limit because you wouldn’t be able to get it every day, you wouldn’t be able to have more than one in your inventory, you would need to put some effort to get it and it would take some time to get what you want.
That’s why I think Niantic won’t remove the timer because it would break the game. But who knows what they have in mind. I read in an article that they plan to do another gym rework.


I just do not believe what I am reading :smile:

Answer simple question first:

What, in your opinion, is easier - option 1 or option 2?

Option 1:
Use Internet to find random group of people - join them on Wednesday and do 15 raids within 1 hour. Probably ending up with 10 legenraries (1/3 of them shinies?)
In other words - play the game for 4 hours a month and end up with 40 legendaries (10 shinies).

Option 2:
Spend 3 days stocking up potions/reviews and then spend 90 min fighting single raid. Have a chance that at the end you do not catch the boss - so all this was for nothing.
In other words - play the game for 50 hours a month and end up with 2 (maybe 3) legendaries (1 shiny if you lucky)


That’s the point. The game shouldn’t be too easy and give you everything on a platter, but it also should be more fair towards rural and solo players. Lucky Raid Pass would bring that balance.


Although you did not answered I assume you agree that Option 2 is NOT easier, right?
Or , at least, can we agree the this is NOT AN EASY OPTION to play the game? :slight_smile:
Yes, difficulty would be downgraded from IMPOSSIBLE to EXTREMELY HARD BUT POSSIBLE.
(if you do not agree with this - there is no point to read any further :wink: )

So - now coming to your arguments:

Yes, any raid. No, not every day, once a week, maybe 5 times a month. few times more if you are extremely dedicated and play GO 10h a day. We did just agree that this is NOT easy, right? :wink: And if you are really dedicated player - why not being awarded for that?

This sounds almost like a kind of racist remark… While meeting new people could be encouraged, suggested - why this supposed to be “must to do”? What about free will and respecting other people differences? Is this game designed only for people who can smile showing all their teeth? What about people without teeth? This sounds like discrimination… People without teeth can love pokemons as well as others! (when I smile you will not see my teeth - I find this hideous :wink: )

Again - have we agreed that this is NOT easy?
Challenge it to beat the ultra powerful guy and catch it after that.
If 3 days of preparing and 90 min fight is not a challenge - I cannot see what is…

What I described above means in principle that after a year of dedicated play solo players could end up having two legendaries fully trained. Does this sounds like “every player” to you?

Again - NOT easy!
Impossible downgraded to extremely hard is NOT easy.

Telling the truth I do not know what you were trying to say here - but removing time limit should be also accompanied with two other things:

  • remove waiting time for party
  • anyone can join the raid while boss is still fighting - the idea being: I can see someone started the fight at this gym! Let’s run over there and join the fight!

Again - NOT easy!
Impossible downgraded to extremely hard is NOT easy.

  • To participate in no-timer raids you would need lots of potions and revives. Unless you live in a place with 1 or 2 Poke stops and Gyms, it wouldn’t take 3 days to get enough potions and revives. You can also get them from gifts and research. Players in cities and towns with lots of Poke stops and Gyms can collect everything they need to raid every day. People who don’t have Gyms in their place can’t raid so they have to go to other places where they can play. They can stock up their inventory with potions and revives and use them when they go to a city. An average player with average number of Poke stops and Gyms would be able to raid every day. Not just legendaries, but level 3 and 4 raid bosses. If they raid with 2 or 3 players it gets a lot easier. You don’t have to raid every day, you can prepare in advance for a legendary that you want because Niantic announces these things and a legendary can stay in raids for a month. There is also a research breakthrough so you won’t end up with only 2 good legendaries. You can also use rare candy to power them up. Conclusion: it wouldn’t be too hard to get a legendary or many of them as you said.

  • As for the racist remark, you completely missed the point. Some people are shy and introvert and they would never go out and meet other people if the game didn’t encourage them by making level 4 and 5 raids impossible to solo. From Niantic’s perspective they want to encourage group play and meeting other people. You can meet other people if you want to, that’s your choice or not and that’s OK, too. Lucky Raid Pass would also help solo and rural player who can’t find a group or don’t want to play with other people.

  • You keep forgetting that there are players who are competitive and like the challenge of the timer, the race to beat the clock, the accomplishment when you beat the boss with few seconds left. If there’s no timer, you can just tap without the need to hurry. Some people would be bored and quit the game because of that and Niantic doesn’t want to lose players.

  • Again, getting more than 10 legendaries wouldn’t be that hard. Not every legendary is meta relevant so you don’t need a lot of them. You can grind for the ones that you really want and need.

  • As for the counters, many level 3 and 4 raid bosses are good counters for legendaries. And if you want to do legendary raids, you should prepare by getting the best counters first. Tyranitar, for example, is not that hard to beat. Some raid bosses have double weakness.

  • Spoofers are like Team Rocket. Niantic shouldn’t make it even easier for them to get legendaries. They would be able to raid local Gyms without walking (even when there is no one in the lobby) and that’s not what Niantic wants.

  • Well, if you can do more raids, the chances are better that you’ll get a hundo or a shiny. And raid bosses come back to raids from time to time.

  • That’s why I said that from Niantic’s perspective they don’t want to remove the timer entirely for every raid.

  • As for your suggestion that anyone can see that someone’s battling in a raid and can join even when the raid boss is almost defeated, I can see a problem that could emerge. Imagine someone doing all the hard work and using many revives and potions and then another player jumps in near the end and beats the boss without using many potions. Some people would use this for their advantage.


Well, obviously you like your idea.
It is not bad - but I like mine better :wink:

But your last remark is simply silly… sounds like “go away, from this pokestop, it is MINE lure module!”
If you planned solo battle - and if anyone will join - at the beginning, in the middle, at the end - makes no difference to you, right? You were prepared to fight alone anyway.
So why would you care who, why and when will join?


I think that my idea is better and works for both Niantic and players.