Lucky Raid Pass - a new item that could solve raid problems for solo and rural players (idea)


Lol how much would you pay for them to be implemented into the game RIGHT NOW.


All my 700 PokeCoins! (I don’t spend real money on the game)


Sorry in advance for probably very unpopular opinion but lucky passes makes no sense. Why not just ask niantic to land every single legendary in your storage and everyone will be happy. This game is already too orientated in casual playstyle, catering a lot for those that missed out etc at this point xp or trainer lvl doesnt matter anymore, events being held twice a month and so many things being implemeted to help out those feeling less fortunate and its all good. But come on, the idea of this game is socializing, making friends, having fun. If its not possible for you then why play it? There are ton of other pokemon games, there already are few other games similar to pogo (possibly even more orientated to solo public). I dont really like the idea of legendary raids to begin with, but they set the rules and if I want to play, I accept them. If I want to avoid raiding with masses I grind hard so I would need fewer people to complete raid. I refuse to believe that there is a place in pogo world where all spawns are crap. IV elitism done some good damage too. I know it is selfish opinion, but if you cannot play the game comfortably under given circumstances, dont complain, just look for something more suitable for your needs :man_shrugging:


I explained everything in this topic. If you don’t understand something, try not to judge.


And where am I judging anything? I even apologised for my opinion in advance because I know its not what people would like to hear, but it is what it is. Im not against inovative ideas that would improve game, but Im against those that actually takes away the whole meaning of the game. Raids were meant to get people together, to build communities so you could feel like you have some storyline in this game. And I understand that lucky pass would be just an addition however to implement this would take time and resources that niantic could spend improving existing features (fixing dodging bug, or work on actual raid time to start at 180s) or use for future ones (e.g. breeding, gym rework, buddy system improvment).


@Branebs, this is an open forum, and he has the same right not to like our idea, as you have to defend it.
But you never have reason to shut him down,


Lucky Raid Pass wouldn’t ruin the game and I have the right to defend my idea! Even people from Niantic said that they think my idea was really interesting and would help all trainers. And I hate that I can’t beat legendary raids because no one plays where I live and the situation isn’t great in the big cities too. Lucky Raid Pass would help thousands of people who play solo or live in a rural area. This would make the game more fair.


And I understand you very well. And you have all the right to defend your idea.

But if there is somebody who thinks contrary, than this is acceptable as well.

Saying “If you don’t understand something, try not to judge.” is not defending your idea. It’s just saying that he has to shut his mouth.


Did you read carefully what he wrote? He shut me up first.


Maybe it’s because i’m not a native english-speaker. But I read in his sentences that he defends a contrary position to yours.


He basically said that I should stop playing the game because I don’t like the raid system and that I shouldn’t complain because Niantic decided to do so. With that attitude 100% of people according to him should stop playing because everyone can find something he/she doesn’t like. And without people’s complaints, suggestions, ideas this game would be the same as it was 2 years ago and nobody would play it.


Sorry if you have people to raid with, but @Branebs and I do not along with millions of others.


I said if you find difficult to play this game under given circumstances then maybe this game isnt for you. And what you saying about people giving ideas to niantic and its the reason this game getting better is complete nonsense, pokemon franchise running for over 20 years, do you really think niantic needs ideas from people? They have material to work with for the next few years dude. And if you read carefully what Ive wrote you would have seen that I dont like legendary raids myself because you should sweat for legends, not get them in 5min. I think they (niantic) shouldve given all us a chance to earn all legendaries but 1 of each by completing quests similar to mythical ones, but as a reward youd get black (T5 raid colour) egg and would have to walk 20-50km still before hatching Lvl1 legendary pokemon which you could train in gyms/raids. This way everyone would have equal chances and it would be only as good as you would let it be.


First, you presume that the game is difficult for me. I never said that. This is just my idea how to make the game better for solo and rural players. Just like PokeStop submission system it serves to balance the game so that everyone can play the game with all its aspects. Right now I can’t participate in raids higher than tier 3 and feel that excitement when I finally catch that legendary. Not to mention the rewards from higher tier raids (TMs, rare candy). But I still love this game and play it every day and I recently reached level 37.
Second, I wasn’t talking about ideas that existed in Pokemon franchise but the Pokemon GO specific ideas to make Pokemon GO better, more fair, fun and interesting. We already got things such as quests because players demanded it.
Third, I don’t want it to be easy to get legendaries. I just want to have a chance. Read again my topic from the beginning to the end. And legendaries from research are great addition, but it’s not the same as doing raids and it’s very limited in many aspects (IVs, number you can get, candies, no battle, exclusive moves and shinies not available).


I agree with some points, that chances should be equal and balanced and all that. However the same people demanding things sometimes hurt game progress because 90% of those demands are to make it more comfortable to play instead of giving new useful and interesting ideas. Demands and cries about missed out stuff annoys me the most because of those new/returning/too casuals I have to witness same events over and over again, for example kanto events, how many of them were since the begining? Trading is bit expensive and risky but great idea to help you sort out what you need/want. As for your third point, if you asking for rare lucky pass (once a month I think was the idea) hows that gonna get you more than one legendary? And research gives you chance for up to 5 a month, yes, they are just L15 and if you want chance for shiny you have to keep your last one unclaimed for another month or so as it was shown by niantic actions. And you mentioned you feel excited when you get to do and catch legendary (just because its legendary I’d assume) so whats with the fuss about IVs? And I will still stay by my opinion that those who lack challenge should be sorted before those who cannot complete the current


Niantic can work on multiple ideas so don’t worry about it.
If you were in my situation, you’d understand why I want Lucky Raid Pass.
Someone else said that they should be so rare (1 in a month), but I’d like it to be more common to have enough chances to catch legendaries (they can still flee).
I usually get bad IVs in research and I can get only 4 or 5 legendaries a month. With Lucky Raid Pass everyone would have more chances to get better IVs.
Conclusion: If you don’t like my idea, that’s fine, we don’t have to agree on everything. But I know that many people love my idea and see it as a solution. Niantic will decide what to do.


Finally. You may not like my opinion but I dont have to like your idea :wink: peace and have a good night dude


Well if they get ideas from players, then it’ll be a better game in general


Good idea.


Thank you, @Reckless! You can vote for my idea here -> New items in Pokemon GO (poll and discussion)