Lucky Raid Pass - a new item that could solve raid problems for solo and rural players (idea)


As you all know, when you are a solo or rural player you can’t win raids higher than tier 3. This item would solve that problem and it would make legendary raids achievable for everyone. Lucky Raid Pass would make the timer in raids disappear and you would have all the time until the raid finishes to beat the raid boss. So if you come early, you would have 45 minutes to win the raid. If all your Pokemon faint, you revive them and continue from where you left. Lucky Raid Pass can be used only once a day, but you can use it whenever you like, even if you used your Free Raid Pass. You can get Lucky Raid Pass from research tasks or from spinning PokeStops or Gyms, but you can only keep one in your inventory. After you use it, you can get another one just like Free Raid Pass. Maybe it could be a reward for 7-day streak like evolution items. What do you think?

I wrote to Niantic and they replied!
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Best idea ever


Thank you, @KingQ07!


I like the idea, but in my opinion the passes shouldn’t be too common.


Of course, they should be rare.


More rare than the evolution itemsd outside of day 7


If I could like a post more than once this idea would be it


Yes. They’d need to be available often enough for rural and solo players to get all the legendaries though.


Thank you, @Mapman42!


No? You have research boxes for that
Giving you a legendary for free like this is a bit too much to be availible like that


A possible middle ground would be that for a 20 day battle streak you would get a lucky pass. It isn’t a free legendary, in the same way that doing a raid in a group isn’t a free legendary.


You have 9* as much time to beat it as others do, that is a free legendary


But you have 20* the strength if you have a full group. In my opinion they’re pretty equal.

The difference would be that a full group is doable several times a day but the 9* time is only available once or twice a month.


But in the absolute majority of raids, you dont do them in full groups
And when you do, majority doesnt have the best counters anyways


The pass should be as rare as a evolution item from stops maybe a little bit more rare, to ensure no spam. Great idea , @Branebs ! (I like the meowth to!)


I like this idea too, the lucky raid pass should be rare but at the same time being available often enough for rural and solo players to get their hands on whatever high-tier raid bosses that they need for their teams. If you are soloing any tier 4 or 5 with such lucky raid pass, even without regular raid battle time limit (45mins max), you should stock up on max revive or combo of revive and max potions because the raid boss’ stats remains the same as usual.


Ya hundreds of Pokemon would faint.


Even completing research tasks is hard as rural


Thank you, @Pokemon!


Thank you, @Mew1!