Lucky Raid Pass - a new item that could solve raid problems for solo and rural players (idea)


Every single thing can be hard for a player if hes “rural enough”
No spawns, gyms and stops within 10km radius? Cant really fix that


No i dont mean like that
I mean 50% of quests are only for (sub)urbans


Spin 5 stops
Evolve a water-type
Win a raid (1-3are soloable)
Battle in a gym
Spin 10 stops
Throw a nice curveball


1: i as good as never see water typed
2: for some reason there are as good as NEVER raids in rural areas
I have 2 gyms and there is 1 raid a week
And there isnt much choise if you get a hard quest and dont want it cus then there are only some stops lefy


Lucky Raid Pass would benefit all players. You can use it to do solo tier 4 and 5 raid when there’s nobody to help you. Yes we can get legendaries from research, but it takes so long to wait and you are missing all the new exciting legendaries and also shiny legendaries. Research gives you legendaries without fighting and you are stuck with IVs that you get. There is no other chance to find Pokemon with better IVs. Lucky Raid Pass would solve all these problems, it would make the game even better for everyone. It should be rare, but not too rare so that you could get at least one or two a week and possibly more when there’s an event.


Imagine having to revive 100s of pokemon.


It wouldn’t be that bad. And it’s a small price to pay for getting a legendary. Now with friends feature you get potions and revives from gifts all the time. And you should always use super effective attackers. :sunglasses:


Yes, the feature makes much more sense after the friends update!:grin:


Except Niantic CAN fix that, by adding more gyms and stops.


-No stops around
-Water types are rare.
-Raids literally don’t happen where I live.
-I don’t get out anywhere near often enough for gym battling to be relevant.
-No stops around.
-Ok nice curve is just a regular throw


I’m on holiday now with nothing in a 10km radius and even I can do quests lmao🤦🏻‍♂️

There are a lot of rare spawns here too for sure.


The problem I have with it is that its just too OP without a low enough chance
Once or twice a week is too much
Its an item that gives you a legendary for free, thats quite big


No stops around?
Thats what i was talking about -there is always a rural enough player that just cant use a feature


Some people don’t have any legendaries and some have 100. This would help rural and solo players get their first legendary or any other Pokemon from raids that they don’t have. Even Mewtwo is not that exclusive any more when some people have 20. And what if you get only one Lucky Raid Pass a month and that Pokemon flees? There should be several chances so that everyone gets at least one legendary Pokemon.


It costs no effort to beat that
And you can get 4 Mons a week from boxes
Dont have stops? You probably wouldnt have Gyms for raids either


Then there is no effort for someone who has a big group of players to beat any raid.
You can only get older ones and only for one month, but I want all the legendaries released so far and not just 4-5 of them but more.
I have a decent number of stops and gyms, but not nearly as many as in big cities. PokeStop submission should fix that and I hope it will come as soon as possible.


But it still takes some effort in most situations
Limiting the lobbies to lets say total of level 150 would be awesome imo


I hope Niantic will do something about this. Let’s spread the word, maybe they’ll hear. :pray:


You get four in a month IF YOU CAN GET THE FREAKING QUESTS!!!

I haven’t had a quest in over 2 weeks. Quit being an elite prick and just pay attention to the fact that your argument was completely shot down ages ago.


How am I an elite prick? Chanses are,if you dont even have stops to do quests with (7/30, is that difficult?) you wouldnt have a gym to use the pass on either