Lucky Raid Pass - a new item that could solve raid problems for solo and rural players (idea)

  1. Getting a Mon from quest is easier since A) you only need 7/30 quests to be doable and B) to use the pass on a legendary,you would need it to actually spawn during the time you would notice it soon enough and would be able to go

  2. 1-2 a week for who? If for rurals, then city players would get many of them daily giving away legendaries for nothing
    If for urbans, then rurals wouldnt really use them anyways


Places become gyms here before they become stops.


That’s not even possible.


The system seems random, since weve had a stop for over a year before it got changed to a gym
Either way, Stops are more common by chance, meaning that getting a legendary through that is easier for a bigger portion of the rural players


Lucky Raid Pass would be a great feature in the game because:

  1. everybody wins (who wouldn’t like more legendary and meta Pokemon?)
  2. solo and rural players can join the fun and not miss out on the latest legendary raids
  3. it wouldn’t ruin the game because it would be rare and the Pokemon you are trying to catch can still flee (so you should practice your excellent curveball throws)
  4. it gives you incentive to spin PokeStops and Gyms and do research in hope you will get one
  5. it’s similar to TMs - they give you advantage but are rare (except for those who do many legendary raids) and no one’s complaining about them
  6. urban players could use Lucky Raid Pass to beat Tier 4 and 5 raid bosses when their friends don’t want to or when they go somewhere without them
  7. Niantic is already “giving away legendaries” during Raid Days (Articuno, Zapdos and soon Moltres) where you get 5 free raid passes and three hours to beat the Pokemon in every Gym and that Pokemon has the best move and can be shiny! So if that’s OK, then a Lucky Raid Pass is OK too and there’s no reason why Niantic shouldn’t add it in the game.




If someone has a Twitter, please create hashtag #luckyraidpass and write to Niantic and to Youtubers so that more people find out about this. I’m doing my best to spread the word on YouTube by writing comments.


Ha, would assume so.

  1. True
  2. Solo players, described to me as “those who can but refuse to play in groups” already can join the fun
    True about rurals
  3. We were talking about how rare, making it rare for rurals would make it common for urbans and making it rare for urbans would make it near-impossible for rurals
    Easy way to fix that is to only add it as a very rare item from gifts
  4. TMs arent as rare nor are they that good
  5. True
  6. True (altho I hope they let us TM the exclusive move next time)


TMs are very rare for me, I usually only get them from the rare legendary raid I do every 3 months, because no one lives near me. I have to head to the Santa Monica Pier for them.


Well I am a solo player but not because I refuse to meet other people but because nobody plays where I live. I’m not rural but I don’t live in a big city. But I go there from time to time and spin many PokeStops on the way so it wouldn’t be a problem for me to get a Lucky Raid Pass. TMs are very rare for me I have only 3 fast and 3 charged TMs, half from raids and half from research.


That’s EXACTLY the same situation I am in!


Then you understand me. We should get what we deserve! A Lucky Raid Pass!


Well I do live 45 minutes away (drive) from the Santa Monica Pier which is awesome, but normally I walk 15 minutes to these two stops near my house.


And make the Pokemon you get from the raid Lucky! Even luckier :rofl:


Wynaut :grin:


Yes, but I was told that some “solo” players do have the player base in their town but refuse to play with others


That’s their choice so they can’t complain.