Lucky Raid Pass - a new item that could solve raid problems for solo and rural players (idea)


And I’ve said it before there would be several ways to get it: spinning PokeStops and Gyms, research tasks, 7-day streak, events and you added gifts. So rurals and solo players would have more chances to get it and it wouldn’t be rare like Unown.


Streak is fine too, but gyms and stops have the problem Ive already mentioned like a billion times


Don’t you worry, Niantic is the one to decide how it will all work. Do you have Twitter @Necrozmadabest?


Thats the thing Im worried about :joy:
And no


If anyone who reads this has Twitter please create hashtag #luckyraidpass and put a link to my topic and post it on Pokemon GO page and Youtubers’ pages. Together we can do it!


I hooe the idea will be introduces
But they should make it on a way its more common for rurals


For both rural and solo players


Yes I am a solo but not by choice.


Your lapras pic is nice


Thanks so much :sweat_smile::star_struck:!

New items in Pokemon GO (poll and discussion)

Solo raids. Seems legit. If Niantic made a 30 day daily log in. They could make you recieve these every 10th day.

  • Yes 30 day log in
  • No 30 day log in

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  • Yes every 10th day
  • No

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@5GodLink and @Branebs, some awesome ideas :wink:


did a combo


He is your co-partner :rofl:


Theres always a day you just cant play
And streaks make people play while driving if they have a busy day


If you can text you can play. It’s not like the daily tasks, it is simply opening the game and being by a pokestop. I can say the exact same thing about 7 day. Let it be 30, doesnt mean you must log in. It’s a reward for actually being able to do this.


30 would be fine by me. But, one thing. It should be spin Pokestop 30 days total, doesn’t need to be in a row. Whilst most of us play the game daily, some people don’t or can’t. I can just imagine being on holiday for a few days at the end of my 30 days streak, in a rural area, and losing my streak because of no pokestops, or no internet connection.


True,like quest stamps


Thats a good solution


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