Lucky Raid Pass - a new item that could solve raid problems for solo and rural players (idea)


I need tms… I’ve only ever gotten 8, 5 fast 3 charge


Me too, timing is not right for me, when I am available, others are not; vice versa. Like yesterday I waited on an aloan marorak raid for 10+ mins, only 2 people on lobby, me and one other trainer. I had to pull out from the lobby and about to give up. Suddenly a car with 5 people show up and we all beat the marorak altogether


I had to do a raid with 2 level 26 and didn’t win.


Raid with me :rofl::rofl:


What level are You?




Now, everyone please spread the word about Lucky Raid Passes on various social media. Comment on Pokemon GO’s Twitter and send messages to Youtubers so there’s a chance someone from Niantic hears about this and maybe considers adding Lucky Raid Passes in the game. We can do it together! #luckyraidpass


Or maybe it could reduce the boss to level 30 and 2200HP, so that you still have to do something
Either way, getring it from gifts seems like the best possibility


Gifts, stops, research, day streak - whatever it takes!


I’ll send email to Niantic bye.


Stops would be broken, research even more
Streaks and gifts are good


Pls no research
I keep getting hard quests


Why not? It’s a good way of getting it. You have to work a bit to get it. And besides, you would be able to get it from PokeStops and Gyms just like evolution items.


It doesnt help those who need it (rurals) and help urbans immensly


It helps everyone. Rurals have PokeStops and some even Gyms. And PokeStop submission is on the way so it will help them get new ones.


Not all of them have
Giving pass a low probability doesnt help rurals at all, giving it a higher chance would be too OP for urbans


Rurals can still travel and spin every PokeStop on the way, so I see no problem at all.


Not all of them can and lots of them can be very far from a city
And if a single trip would give them a raid pass, the urbans would get at least 15 a month


Why are you being so negative @Necrozmadabest? For everything I say you have to contradict. Very small percentage lives in the middle of nowhere. And for the urbans - they will always have advantage no matter what. Does that mean Lucky Raid Pass shouldn’t be introduced? Also, Lucky Raid Passes could be difficult to get like Spinda research task. Not all people from big urban areas have one yet, and there are some people from less urban or rural areas who have one. Niantic can create balance if they want to. So why do you worry so much?


Ive mentioned my problem with this a couple of times already - if its rare for rurals, its common for urbans, and if its rare for urbans, its near unobtainable by rurals
Getting it through gifts negates that, as everybody can only open 20 gifts a day