Lucky Friends



I’ve had a few Lucky Friends so far, but I think right now I only have three outstanding still. I’ve had up to six, but I did trades with them already. Sadly, no good Pokemon really came out of it. -_-


He is 91% with 15atk


Haven’t been able to get lucky friend for couple weeks, hmmm :thinking:


Me and this guy have been trying for Lucky friends since it came out and it just happened today


What did you give him?


Mewtwo for mewtwo


I have not gotten a single Lucky Friend yet.


I just started feeding my best friends presents again last week and I’ve gotten 6. @Cup, @Pokemon, and @5GodLink, open my presents because I’ve skipped you a few times now.


@bobbyjack8 it’s cool lucky friends won’t matter for us I sent you one of the other day


I don’t open until it’s +2 days.


My last lucky friend was couple weeks ago, finally did the trade today, Giratina-O for Giratina-O, but it turned out to be 87 with 15 attack after trade for me :sweat:


Whatta coincidence, got my first Lucky, from a Lucky Friend and we traded Mewtwos also got 91,15Atk


Dude we’re so much alike it’s crazy


@Mew1 congrats, you’re my first ever Lucky Friend. Although we’ll never be able to trade…


wouldnt international trade fix that. Especially if your best friend.

International Trade


Just got lucky friend #8


Still none here.






how long do lucky friends last if you dont trade?