Lucky Friends



Lol watch out for flying calculators and pocket protectors


Ok, too get things back on track with Luck Friends.
I’ve only done a couple on the family accts so far but have a strange one right now with another friend.
I thought both had to be Lucky Friends but atm I have one acct that says it’s Lucky Friends with another. Writing in Orange with symbols either end. The other account it’s Lucky Friends with does not have the writing in Orange and no symbols at either end.
We re-booted the game Apps and it’s showing the same.
We selected the Trade option and one has the Lucky Orange screen while the other has the normal Blue screen.
We never went ahead with the Trade as it would be a waste to Trade the Shiny Kyogre and Groudon if both don’t go Lucky.
Not sure what’s going on atm?


One can’t just be lucky in trade both will be lucky


Its a known bug. IT DOES NOT GUARANTEE LUCKYS ON BOTH ENDS!!! So probably better to NOT trade that shiny Kyogre and Groudon no.


I thought theyve fixed the desync issues already
Jesus christ their incompetence cant be measured in numbers


I was not aware there was a bug I don’t do much trading my bad



Sadly I cannot trade with them as they are from Japan


I took the punt and did the Trade and both went Lucky. Better than what they were but noting to get excited and pump Dust and Candy into.
So, looks like its a glitch.
Bit annoying when it’s not flagged in the list as your relying on the one that has it flagged to remind you.


international trade



I wish


Lucky friend trading is buggy aswell, like everything in this game. Yesterday we had to try like 5 times because it kept saying I didn’t have enough dust. I thought it requires 16k or 40k dust because they were shiny, but at the end it cost us only 800. And I had 4k dust or so. Will they ever fix this game?


Short answer, no they will never fix this game.
Well not while they keep adding new content.
Fix bugs, add new content, new bugs appear. Rise and repeat.


Fix a bug, an old one reappears
I know its a tough one, programming updates is bound to make some new bugs and glitches
But for the love of god they should just release some filler events for a month and take the time to fix the most game-breaking ones


Have you ever seen a program without bug? I don’t know any, and I’m informatic.


I dont mind games having bugs. I mind that Niantic has a habit of denying/not confirming they know about the bug.
Its very annoying and honestly despicable.

Im trying to get a few portals synced up to PoGO. Ive explained why they should become stops, and that because of a bug where removed portals cause bugged L17 S2 cells these portals arent being synced. Tech support just denys the whole issue. They say their whole system is automated and there is no such thing as a “bugged area” whilst there is overwhelming evidence that there is.
Niantic is just the worst, and because of they way they deal with stuff, they will continue to be known to the public as such.


Well, so we are talking about something different.

One thing is that ALL programs (not only games) are buggy. That is something inherited by being a program.

And now we talk about Niantic… their program is more buggy than natural. When you look in a high percentage on gain instead of a balance with quality, than happen these things.

Who is using the program? In majority people who want to fill their spare time, younger or elder. But I think nobody who needs it for to live. So it’s much easier to let it work as it is. Who is claiming? Nobody important, we are only players…


One of the Kids accounts and the Wife’s went Lucky Friends on the Ex Raid on the weekend.
Traded a couple of Shiny Kyogre between the 2 to see what would happen. They were both already inside the Lucky IV range but not worthy of Dust and candy spend to Power up for use so took the punt hoping they would go better to be worthy of use.
How they were pre trading:
89% 15 attack
91% 13 attack
Sadly both went worse so are still look at Dex fillers only.


Did a guaranteed trade for shiny luvdisk and managed 2 more lucky friends tonight. It’s a good day!


Made 1st lucky friend trade count