Lucky Friends



Soon(never soon enough) coming to Pokemon Go, Lucky Friends

What you think about that?


I’m still wondering how it works, like how are lucky friends determined.


Best friends. Rest is unknown.


1 guess i heared was any interaction with friends. So PVP, trade, raid or gym together. All still guesses.
Im gonna enjoy this when it arrives. Hopefully you can have it with multiple friends at the same time. Otherwise im gonna have to remove some people i only see once a month or so.


It’s kind of cool, although I generally don’t keep extra Pokemon on myself, so I’ll have to hope that anyone who gets tagged as my lucky friend will be ok with trading whatever.


Ive got more spare legendarys in my inventory then i care to count, so theres enough to offer there :slight_smile:


I was told trade with them would be lucky for first trade


Eggciting… :joy:


Heard that also. Also of course more pokeballs in raid and more rewards in pvp.


A guaranteed Lucky Trade is already a good enough reward for me, the only thing unclear is the trigger and other requisites.

If Lucky Friendship could make “far away” trading for Lucky Friends, then “Far Away” (need not be physically on the same spot) raiding could be possible too…

Looks like my wishlist are becoming realities…


I don’t expect long-distance trading will be offered, but would be delighted if a framework for that could be worked out. I’m told (by the one developer there that I know) that worry about having unfair trade-for-profit brokers developing is a major obstacle.




I would love to trade with friends form far away there has to be a way :thinking:


I can’t believe there are people willing to pay real money for those “virtual monsters”.

My only extent of shelling money for PoGo is when I am in a hurry to produce coins to buy storage upgrade, and the other before was to pay for load cards in order to be able to play R.O.S.E Online from Gravity, published locally in our country by Level Up, but that was before where most MMORPG were Pay to Play, before Free To Play was conceived.

Anyway, Niantic cannot prevent “Long Distance Trading” if both parties agrees, as they can still find ways to do it, either by one player spoofing to the others location or one player trusting their account login to the other or even buying a new account with all “wants” already there, since the game already allows things like using a new login details (emails), using a new avatar name, even allowing to change teams, and more to come so I think more “business minded individuals” could still make a living out of PoGo as long as there are “people” willing to pay for it.

And I believe these “irregularities” will not be found, monitored, or stopped if Niantic will continue the trend of doing customer service “artificially and automatic” (giving just FAQs, giving same answers either via email, website, social media) and not pure humanly that tackles the issue in depth with their customer. And I bet they will still continue with that as long as the “income flow” is not affected. They may not be concerned even if more regular die hard players will stopped as long as new wave of players will continuously come and spend money in game.


I spend money


I’m sorry to say, this whole Lucky Friends thing was part of an April’s Fool joke.


Nah, theres been rumors about it for much longer. Its just not released yet.

19th of march i heared about it for the first time on whatsapp, tweet by Chrales.


Lucky friends


@bobbyjack8 yes


I think it’s a joke