Lucky Friends



I didnt make this as april fools joke. Like everything i hear a bout it’s not like it’s for the exact next update but will come in future hopefully.(sooner than later)


Not saying your liein just saying it may be a joke


Was just clarifying that i didn’t make a joke.


This was for April Fool’s and not a real thing.


never seen that one


Look at date. This was cruel joke.


@bobbyjack8 Are you just choosing to ignore what im saying?
19th of March…


No @Robdebobrob I do not ignore people. If I didn’t see your post, my bad.


Good thing It guarantees at least half-good shinies


Lucky friends are now officially released


I see no mention of it, where?


New update in app store (on iphone, don’t know about android)


Its not released yet, its just in the update. Niantic needs to flip a switch to release it.


:sunglasses:winner winner. Time to start doing trade marathons!


I have seen something on Reddit that is is active.

Edit: can’t find it. Might have misread that.


Ok so you’re right that just means you’re right 100% of the time lol


just about


For the first time ever, I ran out of people I can give gifts to. I posted on my local Discord to open my presents.


For what? I still haven’t seen a definitive explanation of what it means or how it works.

(And pray tell, what are you trading if you can have ‘marathons’? Seems like every time I trade it tells me I can only do one a day.)


Non-legendary Pokemon?