Lucky Friends



Castform for Jolteon? Does shininess make them legendary?


You know you can use Lucky Friends for regular Pokemon too, right?


I haven’t seen an official explanation at all yet for what Lucky Friends are or how they work. Just rumors so far. So, No, I don’t know I can use them for regular pokemon, too.

Does castform for jolteon not count as regular pokemon, though?


Yes, we do have official explanations, it means that your next trade will be lucky

  1. Using a lucky trade on these two is a waste
  2. Yes they doy thats why you can trade them up to a 100 times a day


Cool, now I know, assuming your info isn’t just more from the rumor mill.

As for 1. they were both crap IV shinies and we were hoping to hit another 19 IV -> 90+IV trade. (Neither wound up lucky and neither had its IV grow more than a few points this time, though.)
And for 2. so that’s why the game told us one a day when we traded them?


Did you read the instructions? Because shinies are clearly a special trade
And again, what is a 91% Shiny Castform good for, I have 96% and I would trade it for a 96% Palkia anyday


Thanks for the advice. I’ve met only a couple of my game friends in-person, and the rest are scattered across the globe. So trading is only a rare curiosity for me in the first place. I’m sorry for wasting your time (and everybody else’s here) with my questions about it.


Marathon as in setting up Mewtwo for mewtwo with best friends to get good iv and lucky.

:smiling_imp:possible Lucky 100iv? Yes please.


You are not wasting anyone’s time, we still don’t have a full explanation or analysis. We just know it was in the patch notes.


I’ll trade mew2 with you lol


You didnt waste anybody’s time, you just had no info
Sorry if I came off as rude


You gave a confident answer that came off as authoritative (more so than rude), and I challenged your credibility. Probably more my bad than yours.


I shouldve understood you meant a shiny and shouldve clarified the trade conditions (as well as the source) sooner, my bad


Alright, back to the topic, it should release at any time now


Anyone got Lucky Friends?

  • Yes got lucky friend
  • No not yet
  • No dont know how
  • I got more than 1

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I’m not trying to get one


If my son starts playing again and trade me, I’m sure we would get some Luckies.


One of the Kids and the Wife’s account had the Lucky Friends notification pop up yesterday when I did a Raid.
Traded a couple of junk Groudon between the 2 and it was just like a disappointing CP at a Raid or a junk Egg Hatch.
Both ended up being the at the lowest end of being Luckies with poor attack stats. Trade Junk for Junk with glitter :rofl::rofl:


Yeah, I haven’t been impressed with the whole Lucky Pokémon thing yet.