Lucky Friends



I just got my first ‘lucky’ friend. :+1:
Unfortunately he is in Michigan and I’m in England! :-1:(We swapped codes through the thread on this site). I don’t think we’re ever gonna be able to make that trade…:disappointed:


Similar situation here to what @celery describes. I’m in California and have just been notified for the third time that a friendship had gone Lucky. Two of them are friends in Europe that I made through GoHub’s friendship mega-thread. The other is a local friend whom I very rarely see.

And while the Lucky thing sounds like it has some benefits that I might be able to make use of, none of them sounds like anything I was looking for beforehand. So my interest in it is tepid, at best.


Good reason to not make friends overseas. Luckilly youre not limited to 1 lucky friend :wink:
So far ive had 1 lucky friend since release. I hope more come soon, but atleast the feature isnt overpowered like some people thought it would be.


international trade, is needed.


Still no luck with ‘‘lucky friends’’, even though we did like 200 trades :confused: daily battles and 1-2 raids/day aswell + gifts.


The feature only works on your first daily interaction, so raid, battle, trade. That makes it a fairly rare occurrences and keeps people from being able to guarantee one or more lucky friends daily.


I like how they didnt make it too easy but it the randomness might kinda ruin your plans if you wanted to trade with one specific person


Or when it drags on for days/weeks.months with no Lucky Friend despite doing whats required every day.
It’s a pity there’s no increase in the % of chance after a set number on nothing then re-sets to base rate once achieved and starts all over again.


I got my 2nd lucky friend with a guy who I raid semi-frequently with. The interesting part is that we seem to open each other’s gift almost at the same, and I got the lucky friend notification, not sure if this is a coincidence to get lucky friend or not


Ive decided lucky Pokemon are not for me, one bag of trash after another, including IVs like 12-12-13, 13-12-12 or, shiny lucky Salamence, 12-12-15


14-15-14 Shiny salamence and 13-15-15 Cranidos so far. That ATK stat keeps lagging behind… Still, could be worse.


Attack doesnt matter nearly as much as the defensive stats in Rampardos’ case though, be glad


His Defense stat is so low it doesnt matter much… The impact of 2 IV less on Attack is muuuuuch higher.


How does that make any sense? Difference between like 310 and 308 is much, much smaller than between 170 and 168 (dont know the exact stats)


Cause its not 2 points, its a percentage. So the bigger number (ATK) will be affected more.


For the love of god IVs are not a percentage, they are three values, one for each stat between 0 and 15
And they are added to base stats, not multiplied




Oh right, i got some stuff mixed up. My bad.
But ATK is still more important though.


At around 300 base, missing out a point or two wont change anything in the absolute majority of situations while better defense lets it hit breakpoints it would be unable to otherwise


Nerd fight!