International Trading



If you have the friends system, by now you could/should have Ultra Friends and are working torward the Best Friends level. Many trainers around the globe with this feature have no idea how to complete the Celebi Quest with no one nearby, and are becoming spoofers by the second. With International Trading, we can all fully experience the friends feature, have a better shot at getting Celebi, and it will add use to those trainers that you will never meet, that you are friends with. Trainers, join me in the quest of bringing International Trading to the game!

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Kinda like when bill created Time capsule trading.

edit - trading with someone very far away




Of course I vote for international trading, should it be allowed at Ultra Friend or Best Friend level??


@Robdebobrob why?


yes, those are the thoughts.


Right now I can only get Mr. Mime from local friends who travel for business.


He isnt a hater
He just has an other opinion on ideas


If there was an undecided or other option I would have chosen that one instead, because I’m not really sure how I would feel about international trading.


I am in the mindset that international trading is probably not the best idea. Wonder trading is a good idea in my opinion. International trading would cause no challenge in getting other regionals. Wonder trading would put a bit of luck in.


“wonder trading”? Is that where we agree with a friend to trade, and each wonders what the other will send? Or trading with Wonder Woman? Or maybe with Stevie Wonder?


Yes, you choose a random pokemon and they choose one and you get something you have no idea what it will be.


Go ahead and vote no if you want but I or @5GodLink will send this to Niantic.


Never met the side that was not majority. I have always been on the side helping the future of Go and the majority. Even Niantic agrees with me. HUGE shrug :man_shrugging:t5:


Kind of expected many people not to agree with me but people have to understand that trading comes hard for people, and limits the possibility of ever getting Celebi.


they rather play locally than internationally, makes no sense. But then again…they cant even explain why its a bad idea. Then again… its a great idea with minimal flaws. reloads


Would love if a “No” could
explain with “maturity” why issa no? Actually noticing same people saying “No” to everything, BUT i cant question you? GOOdluck wit that 1 when our ideas come into Go and you gonna be more mad🤷🏾‍♂️ ill wait tho but i wont hold my breath.

reloads another shell


They could easily make it so you can’t trade regionals. BOOM, problem solved.


Thats to much genius IQ there someone head gonna explode ima go eat a bagel before my phone dies.

reloads another shell


Good point @Pokemon