International Trading



Do a wonder trade. You’ll probably get a Zigzagoon.


It’s not that I want to play locally solely and I don’t mind international trading, it’s more (for me personally) that I don’t want it to be like all I have to do is add people from Europe or Asia and then be able to get regionals easily. And like @Pokemon said they could ban the trading of regionals. I think he has a good idea, there just wasn’t a third option for me to choose


I have wanted to try this for a while and test it. Can we trade internationally if we time connect to trade? Let’s say, five hours apart but, by exchanging and email address, we time the trade at the same time by mutual agreement and be on the trade platform at the same time? Any chance anyone is willing? I am available at [email protected].


I’m so against this…


Trading just to have an international mon in your inventory is cool. Niantic must do more with friends so that the friendships that are formed with international friends become strong bonds. That’s what friendships are all about. Otherwise the entire friend concept serves no purpose. .


Why? I would think it forms a stronger friendship and provides opportunity to have region specific Pokemon for both parties.


Thanks for the support :star_struck::star_struck:


Stronger friendships yes. But it should be more challenging to get regional Pokémon then just adding someone and trading with them. I like that you have to go to new places to get some of the regionals.


Thats what I am saying, they could just ban regionals from trade.


I know, just restating it for others who might not have seen


You guys and its a “challenge” to get regionals, sounds so …

Regionals are a simple plane ticket. (if you think thats worth it. get a vacation outta it)(senseable? nope)soo…

International trade makes so much sense. It’s exactly like Time Capsuel trading in gen2(the greatest pokemon game)

You got friends giving you eggs from across the world, but dont want to trade with them? Some friend you are. I would legit trade yall Mewtwo for nothing, if i knew it would help yall out. Some friends some of yall are :face_with_monocle::man_facepalming:t4::unamused:


I’d like your Mewtwo. It’s the only way to get one for me.


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I guess people like yes/no questions. Multiple choice questions may confuse some. :confused:


Just to clarify are you saying that it’s currently not hard to get regionals?

Also even if it makes sense doesn’t mean that we all have to want trading or agree with international trading.


its a family vaction to another country. Something to have fun doing. Trading would be if you want to have the dex done.(just fyi i am trolling. Getting regionals is unsensable, trading makes sense but yall dont want it. Im showing you how bad it sounds to be against the idea🧐)


I can only speak for my close family and friends, but we all vacation to another country almost every year, it’s how I’ve gotten all my current regionals and ones I will get in the future. And one could argue that you don’t need international trading since they’ve implemented trading. All one would have to do is find someone in their community that has what they need to fill up their dex and who is willing to make that trade. But honestly on one hand I get it, international trading makes sense for those who can’t afford/just plain can’t travel everywhere to get regionals. On the other hand there are other ways to get regionals with out spoofing or international trading.


And when no one in the community doesnt have or want to trade your outta luck. Could legit make Trading Hubs, where you add someone and can trade internationally and that would aid with your trade medal.


Yeah, that’s true, you would be out of luck which is a valid point. Not saying your idea is a bad one, just giving my personal opinion

  1. You cant “just” buy a plane ticket and fly to the other side of the world
  2. Kids cant buy things onlind