International Trading



You can just buy a plane ticket and go anywhere, its exactly like that.

kids don’t deserve regionals i guess🤷🏾‍♂️ they depend on their parents to make the decisions let alone cant go far anyways.(missing raids cause parents dont wanna go/ missing out things they want but parents say no)

Point proven. International trade would benefit not only people without money or ability to travel, but also the children.

Ty for proving my point that international trade is a good idea. Gg

A cap on international trade would probably be set also.

1-5 international trades a day. That alone can get you all regionals and make everyone happy.


And guess what, if you dont want to trade, you dont have to. (wooooow)

Im pretty sure anyone in Rural areas would accept my friend request, and accept my Mewtwo.

Guess what THE day they add this ima personally give you a Mewtwo @KingQ07

And ill even hold an event to get my Mewtwo.

The evil bad 5God helping rurals. This must be a trick.


You think i dont trade?


Flying to anothet continent is almost impossible for people that arent rich


I personally dont care if you trade or not. I have only traded like twice. I dont need to trade.

I am making trade world wide. That is my point.


Trade worldwide would be to overpowered


You dont get my level of troll.

I made something rather impossible, seem possible. But is not reasonable.


Making @Pokemon idea valid. Which you agree with, since traveling to catch regionals is not reasonable for adults and children.

Sir accept your GG. Cause in the end, more Mewtwo for you and you and you and you and you and you.



Lmfao. So putting blocks to how much you can trade.( 1 international trade a day, no regionals or yes to regionals)

Not to mention, THESE regionals you want. Are trash. Not one of them are decent.


They shouldnt add a whole new finction just to get regionales


Yeah but international trading makes you complete your pokedex


Thats a different topic. I am on the topic of International trade.


International trading is a unction to get regionales and they shouldnt do that i said


Do you get perks for a completed dex? mine been done for months still same trainer like you. Only difference i see all the mon in my dex, and your missing some.


You get xp and status


This is ABOUT trading I N T E R N A T I O N A L L Y

Not about how to capture regionals that are not in your region.

With trade yes you can get them. BUT we arent saying “add a function just to get them” thats a different topic… different subject


you get xp for catching anything in the wild.

status…5God status :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

anyways you already voted. You make no sense to me. You want regionals an i got them.

This back and forth is useless. Cya in 2 years or less when this gets added


Not if it is only with Best Friends, only one or two trades a day, and regionals are restricted.


That’s a lot of trades. I’ve only done 11🤪


Even then


I surely want regionals, but on another way then just getting them