Longest time defending a gym in Pokemon GO


Don’t worry. It’s still there.


@Branebs, besides your bear, is there any other Pokémon at that gym? You should feed some GRB from time to time so that your bear could last thru winter.


He’s not alone. He’s in good company.




From the look of it, the place seems to block bad elements I assure you! :smile:

By the way, do you visit it physically still? and how often?




It’s not somewhere I go very often.


Wow over 500 days :scream: I wonder how long you can keep defending it


ThIS Is aMazINg! RESpeCT for yoU BrANebs!


Here is our newest gym. Been here 3 days so I am working on getting it gold. Just gold razzed everyone.
This hasn’t even been a gym 500 days yet, but I owned it most of the time. You can’t get to it by car. You need to walk up a trail up a hill to get to it. I get knocked out about once a month, but when I do, I always go get it back. I guess that discourages most people from bothering with it.


Nice nest… Just curious why you left that cute Chikorita there by itself and not some scary defender?


Because I know no one will attack it anytime soon, so I don’t tie down any good Pokémon to it.


My Ursaring has been kicked out of the gym.

This is the final outcome.


How sad
At least you held the world record longest time defending a gym without getting kicked


Get it back!


I will!


I sent an email to Niantic about my world record. Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


The good thing is at least you got coins for it. That would have been horrible if you had already hit your 50 limit today.


How sad! You should get the gym back, change the name of the bear to “576d 19h” and never transfer that bear


Take the gym right back. That might discourage someone else from taking it for another 576 days.