Longest time defending a gym in Pokemon GO


Feed it a berry!


I fed him 35 times. But no one attacks that gym.


@Branebs, if ever your bear got kick out of the gym, will you put your Pokémon back to that gym when you can?


Of course, why not. I like holding as many gyms as I can.


I hold only one gym a day otherwise I am wasting Pokecoins


@branebs does anyone defend this gym with you?


@UltraInstinct841 yes the gym is full with Valor players’ Pokemon.


Were you the first to put your Pokemon there?


Yes, I was the first to put a Pokemon there. I hold the world record for longest time defending. Now I’m waiting for Niantic to recognize that and give me my reward!


Have you emailed them?


About that no. I emailed some of my ideas to them.


Email them about that NOW (you dont have to)


@Branebs What city and country is the gym located in?


It’s in Serbia. I don’t want to write in which city because I don’t want spoofers to take it over.


I see, that’s why you don’t show the gym name


I would get “worst at saving stardust”


I could get trainer who never uses their stardust


WOW. cool.


I am currently at 78 days with just a ponyta of 1000 CP. I check on it every couple days and still it hasn’t come back


Smart you shouldn’t have even said Serbia honestly. But Good luck.