Longest time defending a gym in Pokemon GO


I wrote to Niantic before about a new better gym rewards system:

additional PokeCoins for Gym defenders that stayed in a Gym for some time (every week +50 coins, every month +100 coins for example), system that gives PokeCoins for staying in a Gym rather than for being defeated


Who ever put in any gym for very long waste coins


Wondering where such remote gym is :thinking:


If you put Pokemon in other Gyms and they turn over the one that stays in a long time is not a waste of time. One day it may be the one that does collect.


Wow. When something like this is happening it just proves the way we get coins is BROKEN. Why are we getting paid for Pokemon to faint? You should get paid for KEEPING. Every HOUR get coins.

Wowowoowoww. Congratulations you are Elite 4 material @Branebs

edit - I dont know what old system was like, i never dropped in gyms or gym battled. I was weak sauce only cared about catching.


The old system was not better, it was more flawed than the current one.
The old system only befitted the high level and strong players and also encouraged and gave advantage to the GPS cheats. A larger section of the playing community had absolutely no chance of collecting any coins at all.

The best counter to both systems is you get your coins for Gym engagement. You put something in you get your 10 coins. You don’t need to hold it in there for any period of time or have to wait for it to be booted.

The only rules I’d apply on that system is you can only collect off the same Gym once every hour to stop people with multiple coloured accounts hitting one Gym continually swapping between the 2 colours in 10-15min. This is to encourage players to hit other Gyms. This could be a problem for regional or small towns that have less than 5 Gyms. The compromise to that would be to have 2 ways of collecting. The current time in and collect upon return in conjunction with just put something in.


Thank you, @5GodLink for that Elite 4 remark!


I’m not saying that old gym system was better, just the way of getting coins. In the old system I usually got 80 coins a day and now, because no one plays here, I get 50 coins once in a blue moon. I like your idea, it’s better than the current system.


What was cap? 100, that must of hurt Niantic pockets.


It used to be a challenge to get all 100 coins. But now, there isn’t much to it to get your 50.


It wasn’t a challenge to get 100 coins.
The challenge was to get a strong enough account with big CP Pokemon to be able to get 100 coins and then it was real easy to dominate an area and collect every day with very little effort.
Back then the only things you had to worry about buying to help play the game was Bag/Storage Space, Std Incubators, Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules and Pokemon Stink.
Now there’s Star Pieces, Super Incubators and the biggest use of coins Premium Passes.
I don’t include Red Balls and Poitions in the worry about as you can get them easy enough from spinning stops and clothing is a meh item that doesn’t help advance the game in any way.


I didn’t start doing gym battles until the end of 2016. Back then my monsters weren’t that strong. I had just started building up a good stable of monsters and then they changed the system right after I started consistently getting my 100 coins a day. I did a lot of work to be able to get to that point and was not happy when they changed it. Especially when I was so close to my gold Ace Trainer badge because I had just figured out how that worked too.


I wasn’t strong enough. i was below lvl 23 and then i quit for a year. Returned everything was different. Raids and gyms. Then i played alot alot went from lvl 23 a 28 in a week and half. Fighting Blissy after Blissy was a real task.


no idea, but over a year with snorlax.


We should have a new feature for Pokemon world records and you can get the title of longest defender!
And I might get it for trainer who changes their style most often :sweat_smile:


And my record in the new system is maybe 2 days
in old system maybe about a week and I could have kept defending that gym but then the gym rework came


@Branebs how much is your gym leader badge?


86,608 :muscle:


Are you able to take another screenshot if you can unless someone finally kicked it out?