Longest time defending a gym in Pokemon GO


Call the Guinness World Records!!! I’ve just set a new record in Pokemon GO!!! My Ursaring has been continuously defending the gym for 500 days!!! :star_struck: :muscle: :trophy: :1st_place_medal: :top:


My mom had it for 19 days
In Missouri
She missed her snorlax


The longer time for me was 16 days


24 days for me probably. I usually take this gym back right after I lose it then it stays for a few weeks before someone else takes it.


My actual longest is 14 days


8 days only here.


@Branebs… really this is outragious. I would say you will not find anybody cracking this record…


:clap::clap::clap::clap: I should call them :wink:


A few hours


I deserve a reward for this world record. Niantic, I demand 100 coins for each day my Pokemon has spent in the gym. It’s not much for you, just 50,000 coins.


@Branebs, congratulations, 2-3 days is max for me given the turnover in my area, is your bear still in that gym or return back to you?


On the old system, you would have gotten 10 coins every 21 hours you had that Pokemon in that gym. So after 500 days, you could have gotten over 5000 coins just for that 1 Pokemon. Under the new system, you get nothing until someone else killed it. And if you already got 50 coins that day, you still get nothing. Needless to say, I liked the old system way better.


9 days an abandoned church


:smiley: I think it is still hibernating :laughing:


You are right, need to feed it berry from time to time so that it can survive past this winter time


Monday, June 26, 2017 is the date you put Ursaring in that gym.


Sweet holy jesus, that’s incredible! My max was about 8 days. Perhaps you can keep him there until Niantic reworks the gyms again and you can finally get the fair amount of coins for it.


I might compete with that also if luck will play but I will lost my daily coins :grin:


It’s still there.


I agree. The old system was better.