Longest time defending a gym in Pokemon GO


Yes get it back asap! Reclaim the throne King @Branebs!


I think this is the gym I’ve held the longest it’s also the one me and a Valor player fight over every day


Nice one! I am Valor but I will side with you on that… :grin:


Lol well we need each other to make coins


We even have a section in our local Discord where we can request to get knocked out of a certain gym if we haven’t got coins yet that day.


Speaking of which, @Thorend @HLAJR @Cup @Jormdeworm @Mew1 @Branebs @bobbyjack8 @UltraInstinct841 do you also see no team competition on Pokemongolive.com? I can’t see which team did the best anymore (on the site).


I don’t see it
That was one of my favorite things about seeing new cd announced


Thank you I just wanted to know if I was the only one I guess its over rip


Maybe they will give the final result for all cds this year in dec


I’m in a gym for 4 days now. The longest is about 9 days. Im looking for the screenshot but can’t find it.


Here are more long defending gyms by my Pokemon.






@Branebs, those are insanely long defending hours!


@Branebs Could it be that there is a shortage of PoGo players in your place? or most are like your Team so they can’t kick you out of the gym? :grin:


Very few people play Pokemon GO here, unfortunately. I’m the only and the best player in my town. The situation isn’t much better in other towns. Only in big cities there are groups who still play and do raids. Maybe more people will play when Harry Potter: Wizards Unite gets released because Harry Potter is more popular here than Pokemon.


Then it is in your advantage that limited players will eject you in your nests :grin: although that will also results in slow Pokecoins collection.


So sad. Tons of people play here. A bunch are actually older than me.