Lets talk - (anything)



I’m so curious what Niantic has planned for us with Team Rocket. All the teasers. But I think it wouldn’t be before Yokohama Go fest.


@bagguille open my gift


Good battling @cup


You to buddy


Beg your pardon, a lot of problems, can’t walk, so I have no gifts. But your right, in any case I could open yours… :disappointed:


That’s what I’m saying it’s cool if you don’t send me one just open mine @bagguille and what happened that you can’t walk


“Achilles tendon”, inflamation, hurts, every step is like somebody touch me with a burning iron…


Dam I’m sorry to hear that I hope you get better


That’s no joke. I’ve had a few guys I work with tear it playing basketball. Sucks getting old.


¡Cúrate @bagguille !




Get well soon in Spanish

One of the very few Spanish words I know


O right on I’m mexacan and did not know that


How did you manage to get that?




Sorry for late answer.
The tendon has gotten hard and not lengthen anymore.So on every step it stretches a lot the muscle and the point of conection with the foot.
The reason… it seems that’s a secondary effect of a medicament I’m using.
And no, no chance of cure, maybe I have to ask for a wooden pirate’s leg… :joy:


Arrr, Pirate Bagguile.


Yessss, up the sails, let’s go to the south…


What, Kevin n Kobe’s Kraptastic Kreme? (2 NBA stars who ruptured their Achilles tendon)

Sorry about your predicament. Is there some condition under which that type of medication might be discontinued in favor of another? (Or discontinued altogether?)


Hahaha, no, something against cholesterol.