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I want 21 shiny Groudons. Gonna have to pick up the pace a bit – I only have 3 so far. :frowning:


I have 1


Just got Pokemon let’s go Eevee just beat Misty


On tuesday i get to know if i have finished CAE! (C1 advanced)


The test i got wasnt that hard in my opinion, but if i pass ill do CPE next year and i could basically study everywhere in the world where english is spoken


You’re not talking about Clinincal Pastoral Education, are you, @Brobraam?


No, Cambridge Proficiency English


That just sounds NSFW… :thinking:


Thank you! Congratulations for what you have accomplished. Blessings for what you seek to accomplish (and the work remaining for that).

It was clear from your remarks that congratulations are in order, and it helps enormously to know what it it that we’re congratulating you for.



oof blee?


??? What ???


[never mind … it’s probably not worth the bother]


Well thank you


We did 10 During the dinner hour yesterday no one got a Shiny







I just found out DJ Khaled is in MY CITY THIS WEEKEND!! I
He is in Holland Park, Surrey, BC, Canada. My mother just told me this.


You going to see him


Not sure, it is outside, so I might be able to see it from the SkyTrain Platform LOL