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Enjoy a conversation with your fellow trainers.


This should have been made so long ago


Sorry was busy with pokemon go ideas and dying in fortnite. :crazy_face:


You play fortnite on PC


Yes i do.


Did you build your own PC


nope paid for a gaming laptop. Probably not as good as whatever the real pros use but i am just playing casually


Right on always wanted to build one


It usually becomes the best pc you ever had when you do that.


True but I can’t justify spending money like that and @bobbyjack8 hank Williams the first and Hank Williams the third is the best music ever


me neither. But i am happy with my laptop just feels not as fast as when i first got it and idk what to do about it, probably nothing. I have two. A older one that i barely use almodt never, and the one i bought more recently. :man_shrugging:t5:


My Ultrabook was like that but a driver that comes to my job took a look at it for me and now it runs like brand new


sick, i try to keep mine up to date and honestly have nothing on it except fortnite and some other games that i dont even play so i have no clue why mines even slow, well not slow. I think i am a speed junky…:man_facepalming:t4: if it isn’t doing what it suppose to instantly then i figure somethings wrong


You’re right something’s wrong that guy told me you have to clean them out every now and then I don’t know what he mean by clean them out


Maybe reformatting. But nowadays it’s windows 10​:man_facepalming:t4: i don’t have any disc or anything that my laptop would need. I used to reformat my pc(brick x2) every now and then. Even my 2nd laptop is brick. :man_shrugging:t5:


I don’t play any games on pc, mostly on PS4


Sup folks. A random conversation thread is a solid idea.


What do you call a brick?
How much RAM


a brick as in it doesnt work good. i would need to check. if its old lap its useless. new lap has 12gigs i believe or something rather decent


I use a laptop from 2009 and it “works”
Except for it taking some time to start (15 min)