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Does anyone know why I cant turn on “Live Notifications” for this forum?

Would me nice if it could.


My Firefox gives them without asking to do so


Is it Chrome blocking it because the forum is HTTP and not HTTPS?


Sadly to say, no idea, nor a solution…


@Thorend hopefully can answer when he has the time to do so.


Well I hope you get better @bagguille or at the very Lest get you a cool looking peg leg


And me




Yup what ??


They are agreeing with you to hope Bagguile feels better?


Have you used a new fast catching trick? I have and it’s great.


Yes, it’s even faster than the old one


I passed my CAE test!!




Congratulations, @Brobraam.


I’ll do it later. My understanding of English is very high. I don’t read subtitles because of the huge amount of transportation errors in it. Writing is a little less and speaking is not super because of my bad pronunciation. But that’s because for a long tim I had to speak so little English at work.
More German (and that a can’t write, but reading and speaking is ok. Need some extra schooltime for that, but I’m trying to convince my work to pay for it.)

But now we get some new company over here and we see an I creasing number of native English speakers. So that will be better soon.

Btw @Brobraam, are you going to study there of is it just for fun?



Congratulations @Brobraam


@Cup, can you open my gift when you can? Thanks


Yup sorry