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Most companies sell their website users’ data in some manner these days. What’s especially nefarious about Google and Fakebook is that their business model had collecting our data for sale to marketers as their principal source of revenue. WE are their product.


That is exactly the wording I sought for


Facebook is the worst. I’m going to marry this year, but no photo will make it to Facebook. The second you post it there, it’s not yours anymore.


I just won something for my mom on the radio (A $200 gift card for a restaurant). Needless to say, I am getting lots of new Pokèmon cards and other things as payment.


I won hockey tickets once in the only contest I ever won. Took my dad and had a great time.


Would all y’all be so kind as to elucidate on the difference between these two? The one with dark features was one I hatched yesterday. The other I caught 10 days ago (wild). Thank you!


One shaves her eyebrows the other doesn’t.
On a serious note: The one with the dark features is an Alolan Graveler. You can catch Alolan Geodude in the wild as well.
There are quite a number of Alolan Pokemon in the Game. Only a few can be caught in the wild while some can only come from eggs and some from Raids.
For more details a Google search of Alolan Pokemon will explain all.


Golum is awesome. Evolve the best one.


Thank you!


Has anyone ever seen this


Is it real it was posted on a discord


Photoshop has


No shiny sparkles…


It is fake. Shiny Sudowoodo isn’t out yet, and the picture looks fake as well.


His body looks like a pickle.


I was just asking seen it on a discord


Don’t believe anything you see on internet trolls are everywhere…


That was a quick bronze :stuck_out_tongue:


Pickleberries? :grin:


Who wants to participate in Team Rocket quiz? It’s in Team Rocket Week thread.

  • I want.
  • I don’t.

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