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@cup, since you changed your profile picture, it keeps reminding me it’s @Pokemon


Lol right on I went for a picture of Jesse getting ready to backhand someone


Has anyone else noticed a bunch of new ‘bugs’ in the update that brought the jump-start research? (I put bugs in quotes because none of them seemed major, just a collection of minor things that weren’t there before.)

For one thing, the text for the first stage research task to make one new friend wasn’t actually text, but the programming symbol name for it. I didn’t write it down, and lost it when I got a new friend right away; but it was something like single_quest_new_friend.

Also now I just spun a pokestop and one of the bubbles that jump out and float upwards with the items showed nothing inside – an empty circle. I popped it by itself and the graphic on the right that shows what the items were showed that it had been a regular pokeball. I’ll take a screenshot if I notice it recurring.

Edit: Didn’t expect it to happen again so soon:


Nothing is as annoying as this (:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:):



It’s like playing “what’s wrong with this picture” when I was a kid…

Is it that the buttons are for a gym visit instead of the buttons for a raid?


Yes. The only problem is that I almost can’t tap on the Charged Attack now with this bug, because the X-button blocks it.


From your 2nd picture showing the bug, were you able to throw the premier balls?


A member of our raid group this afternoon got that gym-buttons display. It remained up while she was trying to capture the defeated Raikou. (She tried pressing the pokestop button and got stuck in a way that restarting the app didn’t fix.)

Was your group big enough that your lack of charged attack didn’t stop the team win?


I reported that gym overlay button bug in raids and gym battles to Niantic. Niantic flat-out lied about it and said it was player connectivity issues. A software engineer I know wrote them back and called them out on their BS. Sadly, I doubt they will stop lying to complaining players.


Yes. Fortunalety, because the Raid was already over (we started it with one minute left).


It sometimes worked fortunately, if it didn’t we couldn’t defeat the Raid. And we couldn’t resp the Raid either as we started it in the last minute.


Is the male partyhat Pikachu out?

Got only females so far.


I have got a male one


Thanks. Hope to get at least two males before the event ends.


@Jormdeworm and @Thorend when can @Mediocre_Melvin and @bobbyjack8 come back It’s quite without them


July 1st I see.


So tomorrow


We can continue Team Rocket Week. :grin: :tada: :clap:


Hell yea go team