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(Sorry for deleted post: I had thought that I had a stats aberration, but figured it out…)

Look what a nice shape has this egg…

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I believe I may have a Larvitar Nest in the park across my street. had two of them spawn today

  1. Larvitar can’t spawn in nests
  2. Larvitar was part of the event that just ended.


that explains it

Hi guys, I disappeared again due to being busy. But I’m back now and will post stuff again.

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Post your friend code

So i was thinking… we got shadow ho-oh

When they release shadow Lugia; will it actually look like shadow lugoa from the games? If so, he would be one of the coolest looking pokemons yet.

definitely hyping myself up for the moment he arrives

I wouldn’t get my hopes up for that, although I agree that it looks really cool.

Reminds me of the Pokédoll I have back in Aus.


If Niantic continues to act how they do now the game surely won’t last another decade.

For example, I am very bored by the actual event. I had read before about the appearance of two new Pokémon. Well, when the special investigation started, I thought that´s the way to get them.
Nothing, catching like a mentally ill all Fantasms around, to gain at the end various candys for Yamask…

Is that real, is that justice? And really somebody thinks I will do this during another decade?

And again you can tell it’s my fault not reading all articles up to the end… but it’s not only my fault, it’s everything too tedious, too many little details.

Make the game a little more easy, there’s no necesicity to make so much long casual chains to reach a new step in the game.

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Who actually evolved their Slowpoke to the galarian slowking? I just found out I even had some G. Slowpoke so I evolved mine to slowbro

Went to the Liverpool Safari Zone today… I waited patiently to have my photo taken with an Eevee - but it went berserk and had to be taken away by security :crazy_face: