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Does anyone else stock up on Pokemon that evolve with 12 candies (Pidgey, Caterpie, etc) to use at the next double XP for evolving Pokemon spotlight hour?
I forgot this week until there was only about 30 minutes left. Accumulated about 200,000+ XP. Still have several more unevolved, but no evolving XP for this month :sob:

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Has anyone seen this in the game?

I used to, not anymore since getting to over 40 million exp

I save the 12 and 25’s when I don’t have other trading priorities taking upwards of 4-500 bag spaces.
Since XL Candy came in and I started driving 200km 1-2 times a month to stock up on Trademon I no longer have the room to store the spam evolvemon.

I guess this method is practical up to a certain amount of XP.
I tried to do 25s with Ratatta but ran out of candies too quickly. So I’m just sticking with 12s for now. And I don’t think I’ll be opening a second account to trade with anytime soon. I feel like it’ll be tedious keeping two accounts.

The current special research seems to be testing a new model where pauses are built into the process. It paused after stage 1. Stage 2 was just an unpause with a tiny reward, leading to Stage 3, which rewarded Hoopa, only to pause again.

What triggers the unpause? A certain amount of time? A certain number of actions? Catches? Steps? Spins? Is there anything to do with the orange-colored trainer in raid lobbies and the startup page graphics?

Does anybody here have insight into what’s happening? Having no idea about that or how to affect it inclines me to punt. A certain amount of mystery can be enticing in relationships; but randomness is generally a put-off in situations that involve setting and accomplishing goals.

Whoops, I kinda died from this site. Life’s been busy but I’m still playing the game. But I’m back and have posted several things as updates.


I think a specific date and time

the research is gated by Niantic, there is nothing you/we can do to speed it up.


I see the following in all previous investigations, after a very short time there were players which have finished and telling how to do it, and a great lot, reading it and following the steps.

For this time Niantic has thought it’s better to break down the velocity so a greater amount of players are on point to make the run to the next stop.


@Punica appears to be spot on about what’s happening, and I’m inclined to agree with @bagguille’s suggestion about the reason for it. I just observed the same behavior for the third straight time:
complete stage’s 3 tasks, collect bonus, hit a pause.
wait a day or two, notice it un-paused, collect small un-pause bonus,
get another stage with 3 tasks…

Now it makes more sense that the research has sixteen stages.

Thanks for the explanations.


And I still think it’s not a bad decision. It was a surprise, but on the long I think it was the correct decision.

Why I have to finish something new in one day? I enjoy this more.


Wasn’t this what they mentioned on their live blog? When I saw that there’s 16 parts, I thought it was because it’s meant to last the whole season.

Good to see that you’re around again @HLAJR !

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Just passing by… :grin:

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And another spammer (gone)





For the first time, I used Poke Genie to host two Uxie raids just now. The first raid went fine, but I forgot to click that the raid started in the app for the second raid.

I don’t think I can post this in the perfect Pokemon thread so I’ll post it here.

Somewhere within the code of this game is an algorithm designed to screw with me lol.