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My main and alt have each done 44 raids of the weird bug, so far, and neither of them has encountered a shiny one, yet. Close to 80 bucks down the drain… I’d call that extraordinary F.U.N…

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This is an insane spot for community days I think

Found this place on vacation. This is the only place with more than 6 stops per town I have found where I was


Nice ^
Just did calculations.
I already have L50 100% Vaporeon and Umbreon.
I need 1776 XL Candy and 1.5mil Dust to take the remaining 6 to L50.
I’ve got 1250 XL’s now and still have around 800 Eevee from 170km away to easily get the rest.
I’ve got the Dust as well but want to get another 900K before I pull the trigger :grinning:


Does anyone that play PvP often worry much about their win ratio?
Right now I’m on 39 wins out of 69 battles, with 5 straight wins as my record. I use Pokemon that I like rather than what other websites recommend though.
I do want to play more, but I keep having that fear of the ratio eventually changing. I’m not sure if it’s OCD or something, but I seem to care more than when I first started PvP.

Nah, couldn’t care less about pvp now to be fair


I’m on 491/882 and can’t give a shit anymore. I feel like GBL is too much based on luck. I’ve invested a lot, use top tier Pokemon and I always happen to encounter an opponent whose first Pokémon is super effective against mine.

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I just can’t get into PvP even though I go alright when I try. I don’t even look at my win loss as I tank a lot of battles just to get quests done.
If your serious about PvP it’s all about making choices when to go with your Meta team or the counters to Meta team.

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I’m more of a collector than a battler.

Only play PvP when forced to by quests, or to get a new critter for the ‘dex.


Exactly, @celery , same to me. But I not even get the hype for a new critter.


Don’t care much about win ratios. The only reasons I ever care about winning are (a) if the game task is to win a GBL battle (thankfully, most of them are just to battle in the league), or (b) if I’m desperate for Stardust, and the bigger dust bonus is on a third or fourth win.

When I don’t care about winning, I sometimes put up the weakest 3 mons I can find in my storage – ones that faint if the other mon just looks at 'em…


I don’t bother to PvP even for a new Pokémon. I just wait for it to be rolled out for all later in the game.
Sorting the collection of junkmon and Trading takes up so much non catching/raiding time I have not time to PvP as well.

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Oh wow, I remember people mentioning about doing PvP sometimes so I got the impression that some would be doing it regularly or something. My bad.
So I guess it’s just me that worries about the ratio. Then I’ll probably just do PvP if needed to for research quests, or if I like the rewards.

Right now I only have one dedicated team that I use for 1500CP battles - Alolan Marowak, Scizor, and Shadow Mewtwo.
I haven’t found a team that works for the other league battles yet. I don’t even know how to match people in the Master League.

Slowly practicing and training for pvp. I got to rank 22 last season before I called it quits and overall at 808/1292

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@Branebs thanks for the Stickered Poochyena!


Finally did the raid, and 15 minutes later I finished the quest line


Could someone help me get zama?

Which part do you need help with, finding a viable raid, or catching the boss once you’ve won the raid?

Zamazenta isn’t available anymore in raids

Boy this week has been tiresome for me