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Your shadow will do way more damage @vorgriff3
I very low IV will do more damage than your 100%

Does a purified mon get any boost in damage? Or is it just that purifying increases their IV at purification time (while offering no damage bonus at battle time)?

Just straight to L20 and a reduction in cost to power up. No damage boost as far as I know.

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Got him already!


A nice Artwork on top of a Sawsbuck…

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The Community CP Increase Challenge is now 19 days sleeping…
The next to publish would be the 2437, but seems nobody’s out there with this number. :man_shrugging:


@bagguille I just checked and the cat :cat2: has a dreadful Zapdos with the requisite CP.
So I just posted it - yay :grinning: the thread is moving again!


Hey, that’s it, and a big Miau to the cat… (from my three cats). :cat:


So Niantic accidentally released the marill limited research here for half an hour

It was still available at that time? Then I’m wondering why I didn’t get it…

I still have it, and it says it will finish in 2 days and 7 hours.

Hmmm. Strange that I didn’t get it then. I had a 100% opened Pokemon GO by the time @Brobraam did his Timed Research, according to the screenshot. But at least I managed to catch a Hundo Marill today, even without the Timed Research.

Mine says 9 days

Very funny, I made just now a google-search about this…

I hope on sunday they let me do it again… I still don’t have the shiny Marill.

They confirmed that the whole Research will be reset on Sunday. So you will basically have two chances.


I hoping for Rain soon. I’m not buying a Lure to get it done.


I wish I had a vid to show of this, because I still can’t believe it. I took down Cliff with my alt this morning – Aerodactyl, Gallade, and Ttar, beaten with Swampert, Giratina-O, and Conkeldurr. Then I got Cliff with the same lineup on my main.

Took down Adactyl with the speedy Swampert, switched right away to the G-O and quickly charged Shadow Ball. Just like it happened when my alt beat Cliff a moment earlier. But when I pulled the trigger (with a max Excellent charge-up), instead of destroying the Gallade, it destroyed my Giratina. My shot ‘fainted’ my own Giratina!!

The rematch went more as anticipated, with the G-O shot wiping out the Gallade. I’m still confused by what happened the previous time, though.

More Swirlix spawning than I thought? I have evolved one and have still 118 candies…

I see them quite a lot, but I haven’t really been catching them.