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Been a bit busy in the 12 event hours


Hope so can’t get any balloons with tour challengers, and I’ve only seen one balloon this whole time.

Well, no pokestops and no challengers in balloons but I did manage to catch all the pokemon for each city. Just need a. Kangaskhan and ditto.

@Brobraam have a nice long rest!

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They should of had the pokemon gen1 theme song playing. “Gotta catch em all”



I got the three birds within an hour. None of them were shiny and weren’t hundos but I’ll take them.

I realized I have a lucky friend… but they’re way too out of range to trade… so I guess I’m back to square one: maxing out friendship between my secondary accounts and my main. Any tips for doing this faster? Other than sending gifts each day?


About the CP Increase challenge topic:

I have found a function to limit posts of users to once every [time]. I can set that to 6 hours so the 6 hour rule is implemented on the forum. One con: if A posts cp 160, and within the 6 hours B posts 161, A can’t post anything until those 6 hours have passed.

Clarification edit: if A posts, and no one replies, A can post again after 6 hours

Should I implement this?

  • Yes
  • No

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But, implies this if nobody answers (no B) A can answer again after 6 hours? Because this was the inicial idea.

Yes that is the case

can people drop there trainer codes i need more pokeballs just ran out.

We have a thread for that. @EvilknEvil_0410

you can get 1 friendship point per day, max.
The way you do it, by opening gifts, raiding together, fighting gyms together, or pvping, does not matter.
It’s just 1 point per day, and you need a total of ~100 for besties (60+30+7+1 should be the total).

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Final update:
today is gonna be the day i hit 50. Saving it for dinerhour so i have some kind of audiance :slight_smile:
I’ve taken it really slow the last 1,5 week. Got my medals done on schedule, 5 legendaries in row was easy and rank 20 pvp was perfectly times with the reaching of 49.
I could have done the excellents much faster, but i had no competition in town for the unofficial race to 50, to i sat back a bit after playing so much the last weeks. My closest competition will reach 48 next monday, a week later then i expected so all pressure is gone.

But, today i’ll hit 50, and i’ve had a blast doing it!

Edit: last night i realised my closest competition will reach 48 monday, when the PVP season ends, meaning he’ll have to get to rank 20 again if he wants to get to 50, hehe. I know it’s pretty easy to do, but will cost a lot of time so the friendly trainer i am i’m LMFAO-ing pretty hard now.


The 100-grunt task in Level 44 piques my frustration that beating Jessie and James doesn’t get me Team Go Rocket credit of any kind. They should count either as grunts or as leaders… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Only catching their reward shadow Pokémon gets anything.

that annoys me aswell, moreso when special research requires grunts, like the after kanto - kanto event.
i had Jessie/james, leader, Jesse/james on my first 3 balloons, so no progress then.

However, 100 grunts is easy, 50 leaders leaders though… that’s another 200 grunts.

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Ah congrats!!!

And ty! I guess I’ll just be opening gifts then. It’s easier for me that way.

Same I keep getting Jessie and James on my main, where I need grunts.
But on my side where I need Jessie and James I keep getting grunts so…

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Seems I’m on the way so far…


Well, something different. I’m in a struggle what to do with my TM.

I have 73 TM of rapid attack, 106 TM of charged attack, 1 of rapid attack elite and 2 of charged attack elite.

How to choose thje way to use them without throwing them in the trash?
I need some good ideas or links where to read. Thanks in advance

I’m not sure when the rocket event starts that lets you TM away frusturation, so if you have good Shadow Pokemon, like a good IV shadow Mewtwo, save some charged TMs (or even elite charged TMs for that).

I guess it depends on what Pokemon you have that need better movesets. coughs and looks at her poor hundo Venusaur who needs an elite charged TM to change Petal Blizzard to Frenzy Plant, and her hundo 2800+ CP Gyarados who she wants to know Aqua Tail instead of Hydro Pump

And that’s not including the never-to-be-evolved Eevees and the Eeveelutions I want with Last Resort once I teach them a second move.

Exactly, all this I have to take in account.
But where to start the list, which are the important Pokémon, which never mind.
I read some articles, but they let me worse than before. “If you have this move, it’s better to change… but if it is a Legacy move , maybe it’s bad, but let it there, because there are players who collect them…” And? Really this is a reason not to change it?