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I’ll just say probation sucks


I took it from him and ate it everyday. Until he complained. Then I smashed it against him under his shirt. I’m a horrible human being.


Naw everything you’ve ever done made you who you are today that’s what I firmly believe


Team Rocket Forever!


Lol right on


I don’t feel bad for nothing I just feel stupid and I didn’t know he had an older brother that was going to show me what the bottom of his shoe tasted like beat the he’ll out of me


Just to let let you know how horrible I am, my scout leader complains to my wife when I am mean and make fun of the kids. But my my excuse is, if I make fun of you, it means I like you. If I didn’t care about you, I wouldn’t bother making fun of you.


That’s true I was a scout master for three years I would have told you good job
Troop 262 Live Oak District


Yeah these kids need some serious life lessons that we got plenty of. They seem so sheltered now.


That’s true most of the scouts did not want to participate in a lot of stuff try to teach them fishing and how to clean a baby hog most didn’t want nothing to do with it my wife was the Webelos leader every single one of the Webelos wanted to fish and thought it was so cool when we clean the hog


We are doing Winter Event in our local camp tomorrow. So not going to be much Team Rocket stuff posted by me tomorrow.


Did y’all ever built the catapults and compete with other districts


I built some catipults with my son, but only ones to attack his sisters’ toys.


Right on do you participate in the fundraisers


He came on 2nd place for our Pack with popcorn sales.


That’s good I was forced out in July of last year I still have a bunch of Badges and everything if you’re interested


He is done. Already done and gets Arrow of Light next. He wants to be Eagle Scout next, and I told him he has lots of work to do.


That’s good it looks good on college applications and job applications


I went in Marines and I got PFC because of my college credits. Had to share a tent with someone because they were Eagle Scout and we were same rank. Ending up beating krap out of them because they were annoying.


What’s PFC