Lets talk - (anything)



Private First Class


O so you were special


Yes. Very special


I just gave my 1000th like!


My like on that post was my 2000th like!


Actually 999


i am approaching the 4 k likes recieved




Well, this isnt censored in pogo, but muffin is lol


Just uploaded like 5 vids in the past hour, check em out. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCZjLFMdJdq_KWOLbpNaF4Mg


I watched your videos and subscribe to your Channel so keep them coming
PS Kingdom Hearts 3 today so happy


I’ll subscribe to help you get going


I got 2 sinnoh stones from battle yesterday!


Some of the changes I noticed in the latest update: separate moves for gyms & raids from PvP moves

Candela looks different
Friends list has glitches and the distance of the horizon is back to old one.


Forum is quiet today, no new topic created today.


Yeah it’s been like that


I’ve been at work last four days


So that’s why is it so quiet


I’ve been hyper busy for about two weeks now. :frowning:

Definitely miss posting here more often.


Won’t be busy until next event or Team Rocket Day.