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I actually cast that vote by mistake. Sorry! lol


I Play on iPhone SE. I really like this one, lag with throwing pokeballs is unnoticable with good internet

I Will get a be phone in Some months, it Will be an iPhone 7/8


I got an iPhone SE back in 2016 just to be able to play the game


I have a Samung J7. It usually lags so not the best choice for pogo


Team Rocket leader Giovanni is missing! He was last time seen during 4th Team Rocket Days. It is speculated that he is hiding somewhere in the forum. You will recognize him by his profile picture.
Have you seen Giovanni?

  • Yes, it is I!
  • No, but I’ll look for him.
  • I’ll tell you when I see him.
  • I know who would be ideal Giovanni (write in the comments).

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i also had that phone lol.


Ok so IPhone is the best but I don’t like them


@Cup you forgot to change your profile picture for Team Rocket Day.


I know where Giovanni is
He is a Xerneas


He doesn’t want to be Giovanni this time. But you can be! You voted that you are Giovanni!


Actually I meant to vote that I have seen Giovanni


Now we need both Giovanni and Jessie.


@necrozmadabest are you joining?


We can force him to


Going to need everybody’s lunch money now!! That takes me back


I feel bad about some of the stuff I did in school as a bully.


Like I said before no it was all fun wouldn’t change it at all


I like that watch let me try it on
Do you got money
To me it sounds like you’re talking smack what do you want to do. Those were some of my favorite lines in school


I took this poor kids hostess pie and shoved it down his shirt then smashed it. If you can one up me on that one more power to you. I still feel bad 30 years later.


I would have ate it not smash it and I could beat it but I can’t post what happened