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I’m up to 8 Excellent throws. Only 42 more to go…:pensive:


11 excellents on one (too many quick catches!) and 22 on the other. Chasing T5 raids until I reach 50 on both. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s timed. It was on the today page. Everything there is timed. But without you don’t get the checkmark on the special research page.


Completed my account on the second day.
The 2 kids acct in the 2 days after that then finished the wife’s for her today. I’ve made 335 excellent throws not counting other excellents I’ve done on mine while working on the others :grinning:


‘Almost’ there, got on the last stage today (after not having played more than daily quest, stop and ‘mom for 2 days because of stuff)


Got 50 hours to make those last 37 Excellent throws


Just got 4 excellent throws on a 98% IV rhydon encounter from a quest (evolve a Pokemon)

He’s fairly easy to throw excellent throws on


Hey, I have to ask for help…
Our thread Community CP Increase Challenge has a problem.
It seems that nobody has a Pokémon with 2122 CP. Really nobody?
Please take a look. :heart_eyes:


@bagguille Sorry - 2126 is the next number I got :man_shrugging:t2:


I have 2123 and 2124…


I don’t have it either.


I have it!


Almost there


Hey, many thanks, so the thread doesn’t die


Is anyone else unable to move PokéStops currently? Or did Niantic block me from doing so?


I did it! It wasn’t too hard for me to make 50 excellent throws, because I had a lot of practice last 4 years. :wink:


I’ve been trying to power monsters up to get the right number but no luck.


I just finished the 50 excellent throws on a 98% larvitar!


Just came back from Kyurem raids… got 4/4… while catching them finished another Spinda quest… got my 1 (one!) excellent throw (by accident!) to finish 3rd stage of normal Skill Challenge - and that’s all - I am guessing I am out of excellent throws for this month :wink:


I ended up with 24 excellent throws. More in 1 week than I probably got in last 6 months though.