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I didn’t know there is a time limit on the GO Battle League? :thinking: Since when has that been in the game?


I got this long time ago, in prev season - so I would assume from the begining


Really? I have never heard anyone about a timer in the GBL before, so I was wondering if only got added recently.


Timer is 10 minutes I think

Blissey stalling ftw :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(Don’t do that though, it is both unreliable as annoying)


I think it’s five minutes then, although I’m pretty sure it didn’t take longer than usual.


Got it once. Don’t remember how long it is.


From all the discussion here, a bystander might assume that nobody had any interest in Zekrom raids. No previews or anticipation beforehand, and no reviews on first day.

Ho hum.

(I had been hoping for recon from all those who have already had their day)


I’m just realizing that today I play Pokémon Go for 2 years without missing a day. 731 days straight.

:gift: :tada::confetti_ball:




Just finished Clefairy spotlight hour. Now I remember why I so despised the buggers back when I used to see them spawn more often. Took a load of great and ultra balls and scads of razzes, with NOTHING worth showing. No shinies, and no normals with any hope of being useful, unless trading gets a huge boost in IV.


OMG! I recently got a new Gym in place where a Poke stop was when I added some new Poke stops in Wayfarer. And that Gym is in the green area on the map where the park is. To my surprise today that Gym became EX raid Gym! This is the first one in my town! :star_struck: :tada:


Nice work, Gold it as soon as you can because once Ex Raids return it will become heavily contested. Being the only Ex Gym every one will be visiting it.


Didn’t want to make a new thread for this but it’s something for #bragging-rights I guess


OMG… :dizzy_face:
I was just thinking about this… 50 excellent throws?
I probably did 50 in last 4 years - since the game started…
For me there is only one way to make an excellent throw: by accident!
But looks like I am just shitty player :wink:


I’ve completed the 100 catches and 25 different species. But so far I only have 4 Excellent throws.


It only took me 1-2 hours to complete the whole thing yesterday. I almost had the 50 Excellents faster than the 100 Pokémon.


If I can do it, so can you. I have the fine motor skills of a kid. Can’t even color between the lines.

The most important thing is to have patience. Do not try to rush your catch. Take your time. It worked for me. (But costed me over 400 balls, but had 1200+ so that didn’t hurt)


I heard you don’t need to complete the elite challenge within the time/day limit, it’s not a timed challenge, is it true?


I’ll use zekron for my excellent-throws task. Pretty easy excellent, and breaks free a lot.

And yes, @Mew1, I believe there’s no deadline. But if enough finish each Challenge before its week is up, it will unlock certain other species in the upcoming virtual Go Fest. (ref. Pok&emon Go Live event announcement)


@Mew1, not sure, as far as I remember, it did say the Elite Challenge ends in a few days. Can’t check back though because I have already completed it.

@vorgriff3, if I’m not mistaken, you don’t need to complete the Elite Challenge to get the extra bonus Pokémon during GO Fest, but I’ll have to look that up to be sure.

Edit: According to the announcement on Niantic’s website www.pokemongolive.com you don’t need to complete the Elite Skill Challenge indeed. At this point it seems rather useless. I’m still not sure whether you can complete it whenever you want, though.