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Wait till after dark, guess there will be a drifloon here and there


That’s what they say indeed, but I have never seen more Ghost Pokémon during nighttime.


They left my hometown since the start of the event…


I see a slight increase in the dark hours of ghost and dark types.


@Jormdeworm transfer 3 Pokémon won’t work. It’s an eventtask rewarding Chimchar


There is a change the ‘Transfer 3 Pokémon’ Field Research task rewards a Magnemite. It will mostly give Chimchar though. Besides, the ‘Hatch an Egg’ task can also reward an Electrike.


If you have Rock Wrecker Rhyperior, sure. I’m not working on that assumption since it is conditional.

[Q&A] How many/which Perfect Pokémon do you have?

Well it’s a very common Pokémon that you could simply evolve during the hours


Not as common as it used to be in some parts of the world, and it’s assuming that the IV’s were good and had the prudence to wait for those hours. Otherwise, like me, we had to wait for an Elite Charge TM. I don’t like presuming certain conditions for anyone, and simply go with the basics. It’s less presumptuous and more understanding of that not everyone has what I have.


But then again not everybody has access to every single Pokémon, for example Rhyhorn was much more common than Cranidos for most people - and if Rhyperior is out of the basics, is Rampardos too? Is Terrakion the #1? But then again, it’s a raid Mon, not everybody can get those, so… Golem?
See, I just dont get why change the rankings based on presumed availability


You’re splitting hairs to create a false sense of argument–something you have a bad habit thereof. I’m basing it on a general availability that the average player could have which is the following:

  • Is the Pokemon available to the entire world (no regionals)
  • Is the moveset available to all players without the need of a special time window or a very rare specific item? (no Community Day or Special Raid Day moves)

It’s called “accessing based on given evidence.” Had the original player in question stated he had a Rhyperior with Rock Wrecker, I would have stated that his Terrakion would be a number 3 option, but since he didn’t give that information, I can’t in any good faith know that he does for a plethora of reasons without asking the original plater, which would derail the topic further.



It’s fully up to you how you interpret “generally accessible”, I’d say the average player did get at least a single free minute to evolve a Rhydon during the CD. - and the original player in question didn’t mention a Rampardos for that matter either, unless I already forgot, so is Terrakion #1?

But sure, let’s go back to the discussion


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in June i’ll have my final exam, and then i’ll get my official certificate!


Remember today’s announced server-down time. I hope the rumor is right - that they’ll be installing and testing more remote features – like remote-raid invitations and maybe remote trading. :pray::pray:


And Pokemon go is down! I hope that the maintenance brings some good stuff for the games after It it finished


And Pokémon Go is back up! Still trying to spot things that were changed.


I tried search giftable at friends list, it still does not work