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I’m a lot less active here, but … otherwise awesome, thanks. :wave:


Didn’t one of the recent announcements tease an upcoming feature that would allow players to select multiple Pokémon for evolution (without the overhead of having to select/evolve/confirm/wait one at a time)?

The prospect of slogging through mass evolutions again in pursuit of ten more level-ups is bringing back bad memories of the thousands of individual evolutions that were part of the first 40 levels… Ugh.


Hello everyone
I hope this short video I found today will brighten your day


Don’t you just love when someone in your friends list changes names? With a long list (with little of it memorized) it’s hard to tell which friend it is / was. Do we have any way to find what a friend’s name was before they changed it?


Ask them lol
I use the nickname feature to classify people from people from school to people from this forum


Same. I always give everyone their GO Hub name if they are from the forum. If they are from real life, I call them 1realname.


Too late by now to go back and try something like that. I’ll have to wait for Niantic to add a message function to the game, if they ever do.

It sounded like they were positively NOT ever going to do that at first. But the recent play-from-home announcements said that such a feature was in their near-term plans (although they didn’t say exactly what they had in mind for its functionality).


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does anyome remember you


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By the way, congratulations @NotanotherKangaskhan for having become a leader on the forum a long time ago xD

Edit: a long time ago was somewhere in july 2019

If you ever have any questions regarding your ‘new’ capabilities, you can ask me


It appears you need to catch a Steel-type for the Sinnoh Throwback Research, and from what I have heard, there will be NO Steal-type in the wild.

Since it’ll be hard to find a Steel-type Pokémon, I’m going to list down every option you have to find one.

  • Look for Magnetic Lures. They can give Steel-type spawns. You will get a Magnetic Lure from the Research before you reach the Step that asks you to catch a Steel-type.

  • Wait for Bronzor Spotlight Hour.

  • Try Klink, Bastiodon, Mawile or Bronzong Raids.

  • If you win at least three times out of the five battles in GO Battle League and you are at least Level 4, you can be rewarded with a Skarmory.

  • Some Field Researches reward a Steel-type Pokémon as well, such as ‘Hatch an Egg’ and ‘Transfer three Pokémon’. Getting a Steel-type isn’t guaranteed.

  • Also, you can use a Mystery Box to get Meltan, which is also a Steel-type.


Mystery box with meltan will work :slight_smile:


Forgot about that, added now. :sweat_smile:


Apparently Ground is even harder. And there’s one asking to catch a Ghost-type as well.


You already got the cresselia… I don’t think it is that hard then


I had a Marshtomp, a Gastly, a Magnemite and a Snorunt in my Research Queue. It would’ve taken a LOT longer without those.


I forgot about Team Rocket.


During my Pokémon GO round I have only found one Shieldon, zero Ground-types and zero Ghost-types.

Edit: I forgot about Snover😅