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That’s a mole? I always thought they referred to it as that but it looks so weird…


It’s based on a mole from a “Whack-a-Mole” game. lol


As a bonus, this is just all kinds of cute! … lol …


Yeah, Diglett is a mole. But you should not catch him right now, because he sneezes when he attacks, but he doesn’t cover his mouth when doing so… :open_mouth::thinking:


Cover his mouth during a sneeze? :open_mouth:


I meant nose, lol. Diglett doesn’t even have a mouth.


Sneezing with no mouth? That ought to give him a :snot-stalactite: like Cubchoo.


I got a mysterious spoofer in my town. He’s just taken over almost all the Gyms I had in my town but he didn’t put any Pokemon in. :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So funny. My dad is bored as shit because there are no sports on TV. So I I bring them groceries each week because they are old and don’t want them to Covid-19. He asks me to bring all the Star Wars movies over. I brought him first 6. My parents never saw prequels. Today my mom told me that Jar Jar Binks was annoying as fuck.


Mesa so happy to hear yousa stowy, ‘caus Mesa also bored


I discovered who’s behind this. :male_detective: This guy here.

He’s one of the ex players from my town. They all acted like jerks and they stopped playing almost a year ago. I blocked them back then and deleted them from my friends list, but now they’re back acting like idiots again. I’m going to report him to Niantic.


That is just sad.


A bored pest, the wort kind.
Which you luck with the report. Hopefully many more people in your playing community do the same or I doubt Niantic will do much.
If Niantic won’t help hopefully they move on quickly after their little jerk fest.


I may be mistaken, but I think the name translates to “In need of a swift butt-kicking”.


Niantic reacted to my report and here’s what they said:

Hello Trainer,

Thank you for contacting us.

We have reviewed the nickname you have reported and decided to remove it from the game. This player will be required to choose a new Trainer nickname the next time they sign into Pokémon GO. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and keeping Pokémon GO fun for everyone.

If you have any other questions, write back to us.

I’m very satisfied with their support, they responded to my report in a matter of 7 hours.


Congrats. Although changing his name won’t change his behavior, at least his mere presence might cause less offense.


My wife sent me to other end of town to pick up cupcakes she ordered from the local cake lady. Had no problem getting back up to 20 gyms. Got 20 gifts to give out after midnight too.


:roll_eyes: Is it just my imagination, or did the caught-a-Ditto animation get even more flashy in 0.173.0-G release?


No. It did. They changed the animation during the ditto event.


Sure, that Ditto event change was something I commented on here when it happened. The animation I got this morning for a Ditto catch seemed even an increment MORE elaborate, though.

Whatever – sorry. Even one remark about it was already more attention than it merited. Reminds me of listening to the ladies in the office all ask each other “did you do something to your hair” almost every week. Or Pikachu getting a different novelty hat… :laughing: