Lets talk - (anything)



About as good or bad as anybody, I guess. Wishing for some time I could just walk, read, and raid. Been almost Texas hot in SF with no rain = allergies purgatory (but still no cedar fever, at least!).

How 'bout you? Getting any new chicks this spring?


Has she changed lineups since then?

There was a great set of Infographics on counters for the TGR leaders and Giovanni around the holidays, but I haven’t seen any for the March lineups.


@cup: Sup? I’ve been wondering where you’ve been, dude. lol


I think she changed lineup March 1


I’m going to leave new music on while I sleep. Should give me nice dreams.


Been here and there


O and yes I got some new chicks I’ll post pics later


Didn’t press hard on the Buddy Adventure thing, and just made Great Friends with my buddy. Shortly afterwards, I got to watch the Catch Assist for the first time. My buddy’s assist didn’t catch the target, either.

I think it would be much more fun if, Instead of heading a ball back at the target if the ball bounces off the target, anytime the target broke free from a Pokéball, the buddy would rush up and knock the target back into the Pokéball, as if another throw had hit its target.


I think it would be more fun if my Team Rocket memes didn’t get moved to Team Rocket thread on Team Rocket Takeover weekend.


I have a bunch of new team rocket ones we can flood the form again


It’s because I stopped posting fanmade Pokemon … isn’t it? :wink:


How did you know I think it’s time you need to start posting again


Indeed. Your return should be taken as a sign … lol


Yup here to mix it up


So … anyone else get Animal Crossing for the Switch? …

Also: We should have a “What other games are you playing?” thread. lol


I only play PokemonGo. No time to play anything else.


Is there a new Ditto-catch animation? I just got one by catching a Seedot, and there seemed to be about 5x the flashy fanfare to the “oh?” animation than before. :roll_eyes:

I dig some of the variations that have been added to the evolve animation, though. (For example, now Diglett doesn’t soar into the sky like the rest… which was ridiculous for something that is burrowed into the ground all the time.)


Yeah, new Ditto animation is for current event. Caught a bunch today.


What is a diglett anyway?


Diglett? The sneezing Mole Pokémon?