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Kids are decorating our Christmas tree now.


Had planned on raiding tonight … then it decided to start pouring and will be raining for the next 3-4 days.

Sunny San Diego.


Now wife is fixing all ornaments that she feels kids didn’t put in the right place…


Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate that holiday today. And to the rest, may you notice many blessings in your life and feel an urge to give thanks for them.


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@bobbyjack8 a berry for you. Handy for the spinda quest.


Wow. So that’s why I’ve seen Magnemites keep jumping all over the screen after being fed a Nanab? That used to make them stop. So if the berry to make them stop doesn’t make them stop any more, I wonder when we’ll get the new berry to stop them?

And tangentially, isn’t jumping around still moving? If they’re different and require different berries, that would mean there is no way for us to get a Pokémon to be stationary and not so hard to hit with a throw (and maybe that was the particular goal of the berry bifurcation).


Feels a little silly, to be honest. A singular berry that keeps them still should be sufficient, yeah?

Next we’ll have a separate berry to prevent zigzag, another to prevent attacking, another to prevent hovering, and so on and so forth … :rofl:

Also @vorgriff3: bifurcation is an amazing word. The English major in me salutes you. lol


I want the game to let us throw more than one type of berry at a target (to get multiple effects, like what the silver pinap does for pinap and razzberry).

Not to dial up the potency of a particular effect, mind you (imagine throwing thirty golden razzies to make a Pokémon so easy to catch that it actually crawls into your bag while you’re preparing to throw), but so we don’t have to choose between calming its jumpiness or being more likely to stay in the bag. I expect I’d do a lot of razz + bluk + pinap combos if I had the option.

further observation - the Nanab still seems to stop Zubat from the long zigs and zags across the screen (while leaving the little wobbling caused by the flapping wings). And my Magnemites don’t ALWAYS keep moving all over the screen after a Nanab. Trying to infer functionality from observation reminds me of reverse-engineering undocumented code – probably my second-least-favorite part of software jobs.


Today’s walk was pretty cool. I submitted a few Wayspots and ran into a few rare encounters, such as two Doduo, Dratini, Charmander, Alolan Exeggutor, Abomasnow, Geodude, Porygon, Gligar and Litwick. I also got a Snorunt from a Field Research. On top of that, I also hatched a Pansear, which I never see here. Nice.


Did anybody else notice that the distance our ‘nearby’ scanner could see was increased a small amount recently? The range on mine seems to be a few hundred meters longer than it had been a few weeks ago, and from my usual recon locations (where I had become rather familiar with which gyms I could ‘see’), I can now see a little further.

I really appreciate that, Niantic. And I’d be even more psyched if the scanner range were to grow another mile in radius.


A lot of us noticed a long time ago that our chances of capturing a high-quality featured Pokémon on its Community Day are really low, and that if we evolve something during the event to get the special move, we’re better served to capture a high quality one before the event that we can evolve during the event. Maybe Niantic caught on to this pattern?

A lot of us have un-evolved forms that we want to evolve on the 14th or 15th to get the legacy move from earlier Community Days, especially if we missed their CD earlier and their special moves have turned out to be useful. Notice how the upcoming Evolution Event is timed perfectly to tempt us to evolve things beforehand.

I suspect I won’t evolve a single Pokémon between December 5 and December 12 that’s on the December 14 and 15 CD-reprise list, in hopes that I can get a few good ones with their special moves by evolving ones that I’ve caught previously.


I just want to be able to give my Hundo Dragonite and Hundo Flygon the featured Charged Moves. :disappointed:


Have the same with about every starter in the game.


Wouldn’t that mean letting us get the featured move via TM? Sounds like evolution will be the only way. So if they’re already Dragonite and Flygon, you’re probably already out of luck.


My dog still wants to pretend he is Baby Yoda


Yep, TM’ing is what I meant.


Weeks of cloudy skies weather-boosted the first week or so of Terrakion bosses. So trainers around here have a dozen or more level-25 Terrakion already, and not many are interested in raiding a level-20 Terrakion on a clear or rainy day.

Local Discord had been a buzz of activity almost every day after work; but tonight it was virtually dead.


Daughter is home from school sick. So now we are watching Frozen and I’m finding myself head bopping to all the songs because I haven’t seen it in a few years.


A Tour through the Pokemon Center in Tokyo, without the rondom blablabla. https://youtu.be/L72-t_9EnZY