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@VanHooIII do it and let me know if it works I got chickens and goats I can say my house is a petting zoo


Finally got Pokemon sword. It is so awesome!!!

And in the meantime “live and let die” by GnR is playing on the radio here


I got Shield on Thursday night and I agree, it’s pretty awesome. :smiley:


Is it an actual public playground?


Yes, it is. :slightly_smiling_face:


I received Sword Thursday and yesterday I finally made Sirftech’d. If you know the trick it’s pretty easy, but if you don’t it’s a real struggle.


My roommate has Sword (I have Shield) and caught an extra Galarian Farfetch’d to trade me, so I’ll need to figure it out. lol


Then make sure your roommade has done the needed work before he gives you the Farfetch’d. If you (or anyone else) want me to tell what he needs to do: please send me a pm. Then I don’t need to post a spoiler here. :wink:


Thanks! He told me how though. :smiley:

Looking forward to getting one. I wanted one since I first saw it! lol


Happy International Men’s Day! :man:


I don’t need a day for me. I got 365 of them a year.


Are we confirmed to have another dinner raid hour tonight?
If so, will it be Cobalion again?

Just got the answer to the first question from an in-game notification, which confirmed there will be a raid hour.

Since event announcements have listed the T5 change on 11/26, it seems safe to expect more Cobalion tonight. (On the bright side, at least it’s not going to be something as lame as Eevee with a new hat… :roll_eyes:)


Yes and yes. There are a lot of Cobalion Raids going on here right now.


Here not only a lot, there was a first wave at 18 o’clock local time. Ten minutes later other Gyms have started, 10 minutes more another ones, and now the last without have started as well…
So I can see now 23 Gyms with Cobalion…


Our area has featured a random handful of gyms hatching T5 eggs shortly before 1800 hours, too. Many of those will pop another T5 egg when the first raid ends, if it is still during the raid hour. So players seeking early Tier Fives can wind up raiding some gyms twice during the raid hour. That seemed to provide a sort of balance to offset the handful of gyms that will be ‘raid locked’ for an EX raid that will sometime during the next week.

And that staggered start pattern gives some starting points and routes a more natural advantage than others, providing a temporal sort of downhill flow (from earliest hatching to latest hatching).


Community day, rocket style? :man_shrugging::crazy_face:


No obligation to attend every single event, especially during the months when they put on more events than most people have the opportunity to attend.

I had a perfect November 24 event: I caught zero and hatched zero, and all of them were shiny lucky hundos that are already maxed out. (Hasn’t even happened, yet? No problem! I will be able to attend exactly zero minutes of it, so I can already predict the results.)


And how are all the people doing today


Fighting a food coma(after dinner dip) at work… :sleepy: