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Just started Disney+


Was reminded this morning how dumb many profanity filters are when I tried to apply my naming convention to a Butterfree with 60 IV and the best moveset (according to Poke Genie). But “Butter60AA” was rejected, because it includes in it the sequence of letters “B-U-T-T”.

Notice, of course, that the game’s official name for that Pokémon also violates that rule. The same over-sensitive idiocy is evident with the Pokémon called “Lickitung” (any string containing the sequence of letters “L-I-C-K” is also strictly verboten).

Muttering “big f’n’ deal” I typed “BFD60AA” instead (an acronym that actually IS profane) and the game accepted it without complaint or warning.

The most prevalent form of “artificial intelligence” has at it’s heart a brute-force inference engine that requires a lot of special-case exceptions just to function and is prone to producing results as unintelligent as this.

(So keep yer ‘self-driving’ cars away from me … way the hell away.)


I don’t even know what a profanity filter is, but F that.


You can’t name your Pokemon “West Virginia” because of virgin




Hi guys. I got a quick question for y’all. How much time does it take for wayspot nominated in wayfarer to be put in game? Like once they presumably got accepted?


A few days


Today must be one of my best days in Pokemon GO history, if not THE best.
It all started with a wild Swampert that popped up. That must be rarest spawn I’ve ever encountered as of today.

Managed to catch it with Silver Pinap too. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it all got even better: after three years, I’ve FINALLY got a PokeStop in my home!


It’s only been three days since I submitted it, by the way.


OMG, lucky you! May I ask what exactly is your Poke stop since it’s close to your home?


Congratulations. Does your submission have to say why they should put a stop right there? (And if so, I would assume you didn’t say “because it’s within reach of my home”; what did you give as a reason to have a stop there?) I’m hoping to get ideas for how to make requests.


“reasons” do not matter. just make sure your submission is eligible. there are a bunch of rules, and as a lvl 40 player, you should already have an idea what spots can be pokestops/gyms. I also suggest taking pictures in the daytime, because I have a submission now that was rejected, even though visible, it wasn’t a very clear picture because I took it at night time.


Thanks for the info. And again, congrats for getting the stop!

Maybe for the spot where I want a stop I can put a historical marker that says “On this spot in 2019 a Pokéstop was erected.” and have my submission say I want a stop there to go with the historical marker.


Sure. This is the PokéStop.

‘Speeltuintje’ = playground
‘Speeltuintje waar kinderen graag spelen’ = playground where children like to play


You do have to say indeed why you think there should be a PokéStop on the nominated location, indeed, but I think you can also leave it blank or just leave a random letter in it. I did not say that the PokéStop is close to my home because it is 1). not a good reason and 2). I don’t want to have all the locals here knowing where I live. The reason I used is that I think the location should be a PokéStop, because all playgrounds are eligible and another PokéStop is always good Pokémon GO community (and other Niantic games can use it, too).


Did you get new spawn points with the Poke stop?


If I slap some swings and a slide in my backyard, submit it as a "playground (complete w/pics), do you think it will work? :smiley:


Yeah had the same. I gave my Butterfree a name, but was unable to recall it Butterfree. In apropriate name.:joy: If you then just leave it empty the game itself still names it Butterfree.:man_facepalming:t3: I always note the IV with it, so now it’s called Buterfree 100%.


Fun fact: You also cannot rename Lickitung back once you’ve changed it. :X


If I’m right you can change ‘Lickitung’ back to Lickitung by leaving the name blank when editing it.


Unfortunately I didn’t😖