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Sup folks?

Playing Mortal Kombat while listening to 70s music, myself. Odd experience. lol


The 70’s was last time music was cool.


Disagree, but the 60s and 70s were pretty amazing musically and have some of my favorite songs/artists. I have very eclectic tastes though.


Did pickup for scouting for food this morning. Got called out on our local community Facebook. A black car with a Grateful Dead sticker just stole a case of water off our porch. Wife saw the post and immediately knew it was us.


I play guitar. My three favorite eras to play: 90s grunge, 70s rock, and 60s rock. lol


My 3 favorite bands are Nirvana, AC/DC, and the Dead.


Alice in Chains, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do love Nirvana though. I taught myself the entire Unplugged in NY album. lol


When I was pointman during training in the Marines, I’d always hum the Rooster to myself.


Nirvana, the beetles and fleetwood Mac aren’t bad.

Bands I listen to often are Nightwish, Guns ‘n Roses, E.L.O., Rhapsody of Fire and Queen. I also like classic rock songs and older 80’s and 70’s songs, e.g. “Smells like teen spirit“, “hooked on a feeling”, “superstition”.
And ABBA. Definitely listening to them lol


Does anybody know how to configure Galaxy to generate smaller images when taking screenshots? Or how to resize an image on Android? (phone is a Samsung Galaxy)

I’m away from my desktop system for a month, and needing to shrink my screen shots (so that I can post them here, for one thing) is becoming a priority item for me. Samsung’s support forum says the solution is to use your mailer’s feature to resize images that you are sending (a workaround – actually just a cop-out, NOT a solution) only works for emailing images.

[I am asking here instead of Samsung’s support forum, because I am trying not to create/use a Samsung account as an attempt to stand up to the bullying tactics they use against their own customers).]


If you send them in a text message to someone and then just download it from the message it will be resized and you can post it that’s what I do on my galaxy 8


I use Photoshop express. Just cut a little of, save it and the filesize is much smaller


i use the standard “photos” app on iOS. just cut a little bit out until big enough, or of i really want to use the whole picture i make it smaller on my screen, make a screenshot and cut the screenshot so only the initial picture is on the screenshot. (to post pictures here)


Thanks. But nothing about resizing a pic (or rotating one) should require even a network connection, much less a login through Google, Fakebook, or Adobe.

One of the first things I tried last week was a Google photo editor that was on my phone already, and it requested permission to access and share my photos. Access? I guess. But share? KMA.


I dunno how many Star Wars fans we have here, but did anyone else watch The Mandalorian on Disney+? The first episode dropped the other day and the second one comes out on Friday.

I thought it was amazing. Watched it and the season premiere of Rick and Morty the other night. :stuck_out_tongue:


We had Disney+ since the release date for the beta test here. About a month now lol

Cool stuff on Disney+


That is the functionality for saving and sharing/sending to an other app.


I am planning to start streaming Disney+ on Friday, when 2nd episode of Mandolorian drops. Also watched New Rick and Morty the other day. Go check out original cartoon on YouTube that became Rick and Morty. It’s called Doc and Marty. NSFW


And not for google ‘sharing’ your photos with their search engine (making all your cell phone photos searchable by the world)?